One of the biggest debates in the world of poker is whether or not players should comply with a certain dress code.

Many have their own superstitions in what relates to what they wear during a game. But, as it usually happens, especially in countries like the United States, what happens at the tables is broadcast on television and the Internet, which undoubtedly fuels the discussion.

In the case of Europe, it is common to find casinos that ask for a minimum of etiquette to their players before entering: sandals, swimsuits and sportswear are forbidden.

Therefore, unless you are James Bond at Casino Royale, the best and most comfortable will be a casual outfit, but not too casual.

Interface clarity: Pokerstars

The Pokerstars software is the best of the three compared. It is simple and very intuitive as well as complete, a sine qua non condition to occupy the place of the program with the clearest interface. The weight of the file that you have to download is the smallest of the three files, a positive point if you have a slow internet connection.
The 888 program is close to the previous one. It has good graphics and it is also simple and easy to use but the weight of the file is greater. In turn, Titanbet, despite being a good software, is behind the two commented since it has a more conservative interface.

Available games: Pokerstars

The Pokerstars software has the most games. In total it has 16 against the 10 of Titanbet and the 7 of 888. In the program of the red heart you will be able to play from the most famous games like Texas Hold’em, Omaha High or Seven Card Stud to other more minor ones like Five Card Drwa and Razz.
In the other two programs you can also play the most famous card games around the world.

Poker school: Titanbet

If you do not have the rules, for example, Texas Hold’em, it is best to start by reviewing how to play. For this, Titanbet is your safe bet. On its website you will find information that is well structured and easy to understand. The 888 and Pokerstars schools are also complete and very elaborate, but the one with the best reading is Titanbet.

All the pages also add a glossary and a graphic description of the hands with images of cards. Titanbet goes further and also offers you strategy knowledge so you can start planning your games quickly. You can perform a poker test before to know what your level of knowledge is.

VIP Section: Pokerstars

The VIP section of Pokerstars is the one that most rewards its most loyal players. As in Titanbet, there are different categories of VIP players that will depend on the refund you receive when you play. The heart brand is the program that offers you more gifts, tickets to online tournaments, electronic items and small luxuries (like clothes or books).

The 888 program offers the second best VIP program. In it you will have a personal account manager, entrance to exclusive events, first level tournaments and birthday surprises.

Mobile application: Pokerstars

In one of the most important aspects of the current era, the mobile application, the victory of Pokerstars is clear. The application is available for Android and for Apple (like the 888). With it you can even continue to follow the latest videos of the most important tournaments in the world. Titanbet has no mobile application.

Result: Pokerstars

To get started in poker, it’s best to do it with the Pokerstars program. It is one of the most famous in the world not only because it has been sponsored by players such as Cristiano Ronaldo or Neymar Jr., but also offers one of the most intuitive and comprehensive software on the market.

Despite not offering the best card game school, it is very close to Titanbet. You can find the hands, a dictionary and the rules of each game in a detailed and clear way for the less experienced. In addition, Pokerstars offers the best mobile application to play away from home.

Also, if you like the green carpet game and you are going to be a regular on the virtual green carpet, the red heart mark offers you the best VIP program of the three. You can win many gifts, buy refunds, attend exclusive events both outside and inside the world of cards.

Do not be a rookie. As much as you are new to poker and never before in your life have you played a game, do not show it to the rest. Simulate. Do not be yourself.

1. Learn to shuffle the cards
It is not necessary to shuffle the cards in the air with one hand, but if mixing the cards is not one of your virtues, practice before going to the appointment. If you do not, the whole table will discover that you are a rookie as soon as the cards touch your hands. Use your spare time or those in which you are lonely, we assure you that it will be worth it.

2. Wait to see your letters
Do not go ahead or get impatient – everything in time. Nobody is going to take the cards, so wait until the dealer has finished distributing to see your poker cards quietly. Remember that the side on which the number is written should be facing you, sometimes rushing can play tricks on us!

3. Respect the order to speak
Do not make someone yell at you “why don’t you shut up”. There is an order to speak in poker and each player knows when it is his turn. Save phrases like “Hey, it’s your turn” if you don’t want to be thrown out of the table. Also, if in the worst case a player is doing things wrong, there will be someone in charge to tell them.

4. Go without fear
“You are not weak, the weak are them. You are strong and you will win … ” Even though you know it’s a lie and that you are less likely to win than the lottery, they should not notice it. The players of a poker table are like dogs, they smell the fear, so if they see you scared it will not take a second to jump into your jugular. Do not enter the room with the face of “I’m a rookie” and relax.

5. Show off your poker face
We’ve probably already told you everything you need to know to put on a good poker face. Do not let them read on your forehead the play you are carrying and confuse. Of course, control not spend with the faces because if you exaggerate you will give fear to more than one.

6. Do not always bet
You don’t have to play all your hands. We know that this is difficult, because if it is your first game you want to play the more the better, but listen to us and calm down. If you see that you have no options, do not hesitate and it happens.
In addition, it is also important that you do not give clues about your way of playing. When you have low cards you never play and as soon as you have an ace you bet everything? Error. The rest of the players will know that you have a good hand and will not want to see your bet.

7. Do not carry a chop with the order of the plays
Remember that the intention is not to look like a rookie. What kind of impression do you think you would give? Leave the chop with the order of the poker moves at home. If you do not know them and you think you’re going to have to ask which one is worth more, you’re not prepared.

8. Remember that the chips are money
Do not throw the chips, or mix them. As much as you believe the millionaire of Monopoly, do not forget that it is money and not a toy. You will probably see how the other players play with them, but you do not. Remember that you are new to poker, so you should be focused on other things.

9. Avoid the “we have come to play”
You are not in a television program deciding between the box or the door, so as much as you feel this way, do not share it with the rest. In the TV show you might take a blender home, but you arrived empty-handed. However, in the game it is your money that is at stake.

10. Do not let them catch you
Follow all the recommendations that we have given you, expand your knowledge and add if possible one of the elements for a perfect poker game. You are the fish of the table and you know it, but do not let them catch you. Do not be a rookie

If you know how to play Texas Hold’em, the Chinese poker discovered will not have much complication. Find out how it works and put your knowledge into practice.

– What is it?
– Rules and scoring of Chinese poker discovered
– How to play open Chinese poker?
– Where to play?

What is it?
Chinese poker opened or discovered is a variant of the increasingly popular card game. In addition, those who know the origin of poker, will know that it is said that the game started in China a few centuries ago.
Although there are no exact data, everything indicates that Chinese poker has its origin in a game of dominoes and is also called discovered because the cards are in sight of all players, without there being the possibility of going bluffing.

This modality is increasingly fashionable and we can often see professionals participating in tournaments of this type. Let’s see how it works!

Rules and scoring of Chinese poker discovered
The first rule and main difference with the modality of always, is that there are no bets. Chinese poker is based on a points system, so the money or chips you play with will be a series of points that we will later specify.

It is played with the classic deck of 52 cards, and in total each player will receive 13 cards. That said, there will be a maximum of four players in each game.

For four players – each participant must place their cards in 3 streets:
– The street below with 5 cards is the back hand
– The middle street with 5 cards is the middle hand
– The top street with 3 cards is the top or front hand

The play of the back hand must be the best of the three, the second of more value must be that of the middle and the play of less value must be that of the front hand. If your hands do not comply with this rule, it is foul and it will mean that you have lost all three hands directly and will be able to calculate your score.

The rules of Chinese poker score (online), are the complicated part of it, and will be what most cost us at the beginning. But do not worry, after a day playing you will have it almost controlled.

If one player wins the three streets to another, he will have done what is called SCOOP and the player who wins will add 3 points. To calculate the score, he compares street by street of each player. The street won adds 1 point and the lost street subtracts 1 point.
Losing the hand = -3 points, and if on top you have needed a point less for each street.

Although this does not have much complication, the score in open Chinese poker is complicated by extra points or royalties. You must add these extra points only to the streets you have won and with the following number of points:
Back hand
The extra points in the back hand are calculated from the ladder, and add up as shown in the table.

Ladder            2
Color               4
Full House     6
Poker             10
Color ladder 15
Royal flush   25

Middle hand
Unlike the back, in the middle hand the royalties begin to count from the trio. In addition, the score of the rest of plays is double that in the back hand.
Threesome      2
Ladder             4
Color                8
Full House     12
Poker              20
Color ladder  30
Royal flush    50

Front hand
Although the extra points table in the front hand may seem like a mess, it’s easier than you think. You will begin to add extra points from the pair of 66 and from there upwards a point will be added as shown in the table.
66      1
77      2
88     3
99     4
TT     5
JJ      6
QQ    7
KK    8
AA     9

222      10
333      11
444      12
555       13
666      14
777       15
888      16
999      17
TTT     18
JJJ      19
QQQ   20
KKK    21
AAA    22

In addition to the extra points, there is something called Fantasy Land. Probably you do not need to know the rules of this play because getting it is practically impossible, but as you never know, we tell you what it is.

If you have a pair of ladies or superior in the front hand, you will have got a Fantasy Land. If this happens, in the next game the player receives directly the 13 cards and can make the hand directly while the other players keep stealing letter by card.

The sum of all the points must be equal to 0. The points that one loses are won by another, as would happen with the chips.

How to play open Chinese poker?

The button – may or may not be a player – deals in a first term 5 cards to each player. Next, the player who is seated to the left of the button will be the first to act and therefore the first to place his cards.

Face up, players must place as they wish the 5 cards. Spread between the three streets, your main objective will be to fulfill the rule of the strongest hand (back) to the least strong (front). In addition, once an order of letters has been established, it can not be modified.

After each player has his five cards placed, each player will draw cards from the deck one at a time to form his moves. Once again, it will be the player sitting to the left of the button who starts to steal. Once all the players have their three full streets with the 13 cards, the count of points will begin.

As we mentioned in the rules of Chinese poker – be it online or offline – three things can happen:

– That the player is missing or foul, in which case it will mean that his hands do not meet the basic rule and therefore have lost all at once.

-The player scoop: the player wins the three streets to a rival. (+3 extra points)

-That none need scoop, in which case it will be compared street by street.

In addition to this, the royalties will be added next according to the tables that we showed in the previous section.
Where to play?

More and more operators are offering their users the chance to play Chinese poker online through their portals. One of the largest online Chinese poker rooms in the world is TonyBet. In addition, the operator held in Prague last December the first open Chinese poker world championship.

Surely you’ve already realized that poker games go a long way. On the one hand, these can last a good number of hours and on the other, there are moments of great tension.
These situations -very happy for the one who wins and a lot of anger for the loser- make the players learn, reflect and release the most famous phrases.

Some of the best phrases of poker players have been said at the table and others outside of it, but if they have something in common is that whoever said them knows what they are talking about -as far as poker is concerned-.

If you are an amateur of this card game, we recommend that you read them. You do not have to take them literally, and you may not agree with some of them, but they will surely make you see the game with a different approach.
We present different categories of the best phrases of poker players.

– Famous poker quotes
– The mythical phrases of the best players
– The most famous

Famous poker quotes
History has given us many games and, consequently, quotes from poker players for all tastes.
Here are some famous quotes from poker players. We could define these as “the wise”, since they sound a bit like the voice of experience. Keep reading and tell us if you agree.

“Most people play until they lose everything. If they win, they’ll settle for paying for dinner. “- Pug Pearson

“The key point in poker is to never lose your head. If you lose it, you will lose all your chips. “- William J. Florence

“A lot of the money you’ll earn from poker will not come from the brilliance of your game, but from the ineptitude of your opponents.” – Lou Krieger

“The guy who invented poker was bright, but the guy who invented the chips was a genius. “- Julius Weintraub

“It takes a minute to learn how to play poker, to control aspects of the game a whole life.” – Mike Sexton

The mythical phrases of the best players
It’s no wonder that the most legendary poker phrases come from the best poker players in history. Sure it sounds more than one!

“Nobody is always a winner, and anybody who says he is, is either a lier or doesn’t play poker.” – Amarillo Slim

“I never go looking for a sucker. I look for a Champion and make a sucker of him“ – Amarillo Slim

“You can shear a sheep a hundred times, but you can skin it only once.” – Amarillo Slim

“Look around at your table. If you don’t see the sucker, get up, because you’re the sucker.” – Amarillo Slim

“Accept that you will have losing streaks as well as winning streaks. If you feel very frustrated, it’s time to stop playing. I tell the players that they must recognize when the time has come to leave. It is one of the most important aspects to become a successful player in the world of poker “- Phil Ivey

“Try to decide how good your hand is at a certain time. Nothing else matters. Nothing at all! “- Doyle Brunson

The most famous
To end our list of the best quotes, here we leave you the most famous poker phrases. If you are a big fan, you may have even heard some of them in the development of your games.

“Poker is 100% skill and 50% luck.” – Phil Hellmuth

“Limit poker is a science, but no limit is an art. In limited, you are shooting at a target. In no limit, the target comes alive and returns the shots. “- Jack Strauss

“If luck did not influence poker, I would always win.” – Phil Hellmuth

“A card player should learn that once the money is in the pot, it is no longer his.” – Herbert Yardley

“Trust everyone but always cut the cards.” – Jack Binion

“Only the losers and the amateurs complain about the cards.” – Lou Krieger

If you are a poker fan, you probably have been playing for years without asking yourself where it comes from.

Although this card game is very popular today. What’s more, a few decades ago playing this one was completely illegal, so whoever dared was always at risk.

– Origin of the word poker
– And then the game came
– Did you know… ?

Origin of the word poker
Answering the origin of the word poker is not an easy task. To begin with there are several possible options, and also, at various moments of time.

If you ask a Spanish, he would say that poker comes from the “first” (“primero”) a very common game in Spain during the sixteenth century.

The French, however, would explain that their origins are in the poque, a card game in which bluffs are made.

Although probably the response of the Gallic was the most accurate, the Hindu term “pukka” or the German “pochen”, it seems that they have also had their share of influence.

So, what is the definitive answer? The combination.
And then the game came

You already know that the origin of the word poker is not very clear, and we regret to say that the game is not either.
Although the theory that we are going to tell next seems pretty accurate, the truth is that no version is 100% safe.

Everything indicates that the origin of poker is in a set of influences: the Persian game As Nas, the German Pochen, the French Poque … Let’s say that poker was erasmus and was influenced by all cultures.

But the first data seems to indicate that everything started in China in the year 869. However, the Asian game was not played with cards, but with chips very similar to dominoes.

From the made in China, the following data transports us in time to the theory of the poque. This marks its origins about 200 years ago and is, in our opinion, the one that can approach reality the most.

The theory says that the French colonists exported the game “poque” to the fascinating New Orleans, and from there the game was expanded by land and sea. The navigators of the boats of the Mississippi were great followers of the game, so that this one became the game of traps par excellence.

In 1834, Jonathan H. Green, published the first book in which his rules were shown. Green described poker as a game of deception, and the navigators of the Mississippi ships came to invent all kinds of tricks to win their opponents.

In addition, the rules of the game described by Green indicated that 20 cards should be played, and the maximum number of players was 4.

Did you know… ?
There are other interesting facts related to the topic that you may be interested in knowing. Do you know what is the origin of Texas Hold’em or why is it played with 52 cards? Keep reading!

– The origin of poker face dates back only a few years ago. The poker face of Lady Gaga gave this expression the popularity it has today. The idea is clear: no one should be able to read your face and know what you think.

– It is not by chance that there are 52 cards with which one plays: this number corresponds to the weeks that are in a year, and in addition, the four suits are a representation of the four seasons (we do not know which suit corresponds to what station). In addition, as a curious fact, the popular joker joined the rest of the cards in 1875.

– The origin of Poker Texas Hold’em, one of the best-known versions, seems to be in the year 1900. However, the 70s were a key moment for this type of game because it was the decade in which the Texas Hold’em was introduced in the world series.

Although we know that until relatively few years ago, poker was an illegal game and who wanted to play a game had to do it secretly and always taking a risk, it is difficult to imagine.

Nowadays, the expansion, thanks in part to the influence of the internet and the online poker boom, has made it evolve rapidly.

The operators offer all kinds of game modes and also without leaving home. Capable of playing Spanish with French, Germans and Americans, we return to the origins: all for one, and one for all.