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“And you, what do you want to be when you grow up? Grinder”

If you like poker and move in his world, you have probably heard the term grinder on more than one occasion, but do you already know what it means?
Ask the Google translator may in some cases -in few- is a good idea, but certainly not in this one.

– What is a grinder?
– We reveal their tricks
– How to play against a grinder?
– Tips for grinding

What is a grinder?
As we have already mentioned, the definition of grinder can have more than one meaning, but in our case we are going to focus on what a poker grinder is.

In a simple way, a grinder is a person who makes poker his way of life. When someone has a job, they know they have to dedicate several hours a day to it and also improve and be productive with what they do. With poker the same thing happens. The grinders or rounders usually try to play regularly and with some caution to secure a salary at the end of the month.
Therefore, these are the main characteristics of a grinder game:
– Low risk: The idea of these players is to have an amount at the end of the month, so they follow a strategy in which they do not run high risks. They prefer to bet on safe moves even if the amounts are lower. In many occasions, these poker strategists play at tables of a lower level than yours because they prefer to earn less but play it safe.
– Slow earnings: Obviously what you win will depend on what you bet, but what we mean is that the intention of this type of player is to win small pots consistently and not risk everything for a large amount of money. The objective is to win bigger and bigger boats but in a gradual way.
-Multitable: If for rounders poker is a job, more tables are equivalent to more projects. More tables involve more hands, and taking into account that they do not run much risk, in general they will also imply higher profits.

We reveal their tricks
When you sit at a table, do you know if there is a grinder among your opponents? You must consider that this type of player is a specialist, a professional. Anyone can not be a rounder.
The rounders have played poker for a long period of time and have studied and analyzed the reason for their game. A grinder will make you feel confident and think it’s a nerd who just sat down for the first time to play a game of poker.

Probably if you have been playing for a while or have already gone to higher level tables or to the best poker tournaments, you will have met this type of player. Someone who is silent during the whole game and suddenly jumps, bets everything because he has a great play, collects all his chips and goes saying “good night”. Although there is no exact definition of rounder, this could be said to be a typical behavior.

Keep in mind that these players know exactly what they do and why they do it. The rounders always take advantage of the opportunities they have to win and even the best can fall against them if they do not know who they are facing.

How to play against a grinder?
First of all, alert.
You always have to watch the movements and the plays of the other players at the table, but with the rounders even more. If you are also a poker professional, you may already know how to recognize them, but if not, be careful.

– An option when playing against this type of opponent can be acting like him. If he is safe, you too. Do not rush to go all-in if you do not have all of them with you and do not trust yourself.

– Also, you know you’re going to play it safe, so there will be certain plays you can win without a problem. An example is the theft of blinds. If you raise your bet a lot in preflop and he is not sure whether to play or not, it will not be surprising that he decides not to continue playing. Take advantage that you are not going to take any chances and be ready in the planning of your game.

– Do not let me know your tactic. Do not always play safe or risk too much. If you do not know how you are going to act, you will feel lost and your nerves and insecurity will prevent you from winning.

Tips for grinding
Do you already know what it means to be a grinder and now you want to be one of them? Read the article again, write down what is most important and continue with our tips to grind.
– Find out who you are playing against: this is not to say that you should know where your opponents live or anything like that. What you can do is analyze their behavior in the first few moves without making big bets. “Study the terrain” and get down to work.
– Control your bankroll: watch your losses and always try to win something, however little. A rounder can not go head or bet a lot of money if you’re not sure you’re going to win. Remember that if you are a rounder, you live from this.
– Multitable: As we anticipated, to more tables, greater options. If you are not yet a multi-game player, we suggest you take the first steps if you really want to play as a rounder.

– See if there are fish on the table. Try to see the hands whenever you play against this type of players. Although you like to play it safe and believe that the preflop is not nothing special, bet if you play against a fish. Maybe even if you have a worse hand than him, he can not play his cards the right way.

You already know what it is to grind in poker and how to deal with this type of player. However, remember that any opponent can pose a threat, do not trust yourself.

One of the big differences between online and traditional poker is the amount of information we can get about our rivals and the game itself.
While in a traditional poker game you can play a single hand and the calculations you make depend on you and your abilities, in one online you can play several at a time and serve as support softwares that make decision making easier.
There are numerous help programs for online poker, depending on the function you are looking for, it will be more interesting to use one or the other.
More information translates into greater gains, so then we tell you everything you need to know about these.

– Advantages of support sofwares
– Hold’em Manager
– PokerStove
– Flopzilla
– Tournament Shark
– Wilson Poker
– Are help programs allowed?
– Free or paid Sofwares
– Conclusions

Advantages of support softwares
Depending on the type of software we use, these can be very useful when playing a game of poker.
The fact of not using this type of programs can put us at a clear disadvantage against many of our opponents in the online gaming tables. The main advantages of these programs are:
– They help in the process of reading the rest of the players.
– They offer the option to simulate hands before rivals of different category.
– They allow the calculation of probabilities of our cards at different moments of the game.
– They monitor the game thus helping to make decisions.

Hold’em Manager
This program is for many poker professionals one of the most complete and useful in the market. The software has two fundamental functions:
– The HUD (Heads-Up Display). The importance of these HUD is basic since they help the player at the same time that the game of poker is developing. When playing at a table, it can be easy to study the behavior of a particular player, but when participating in several at the same time, this can be a more complicated task. The HUDs calculate statistics about the players at the table, so that we can analyze the information and draw conclusions more quickly.
– The reports are important once the game has finished. These allow us to analyze the hands already played as well as the general strategy of the game that we have followed. By attending to different criteria such as the number of players at the table or positions in which we have played, we can even reproduce the game in its entirety.

It is an equity calculator for Texas Hold’em that we can use in the preflop, on the flop and on the turn. In a simple and fast way, this software is able to calculate the winning options that we can have before all the community cards are shown.
The calculator loses all its value during the development of the game, the time to use it is before all the cards have been uncovered.

Flopzilla is a statistical software that calculates the frequency of a certain range in different situations.
This program is very simple to use. You just have to point out the initial hands as well as the table and statistics to get the frequency with which a certain range can occur.

Tournament Shark
The Tournament Shark has a huge database about the other players at the table. As they usually act in certain situations, in what phase they have finished their previous tournaments, losses or gains in which they have finished …
Once the program opens, it provides all the information you have about your opponents and is very easy to manage. However, it may not be entirely reliable since the data collected by this support software is relatively recent.

Wilson Poker
In addition to analyzing your own game and that of your opponents, it is important that you train if you want to become one of the best.
Wilson Poker is a training program that allows you to practice and play poker games against a machine. Without the need to bet real money, Wilson Poker allows access to different tables as if it were real poker games.

Are help programs allowed?
As we have just shown, there are different support software for online poker. Neither all are allowed nor all are prohibited.
As its name indicates, they are programs of help, not cheating.

– Most will be allowed all those who provide help in calculating the winning options upon receiving the initial hand.
– In general, all those who allow collusion with other players at the table as well as make use of robots, will be prohibited.

Each operator contains within its web a list with the allowed help programs and not all the lists are the same. In addition, these lists are subject to change so they can be modified frequently.

Free or paid Sofwares
The information in poker, as in most cases, is a very important tool that can be decisive when winning.
In our opinion, if you want to play poker like a true professional you should consider buying these poker support programs as an investment rather than as an expense.

The Hold’em Manager, for example, is free, but if you want to access your extras you will have to pay. The price of this goes from € 50. However, you can also download the Free Poker Data Base, a program of less quality but completely free.
With the Tournament Shark the same thing happens. If you do not mind having less quality, you can download the Poker Score that resembles it.
On the other hand, Pokerkstove is completely free, so you should not hesitate to get it.

Although there is a series of support software allowed, the list of games for each operator is subject to change. Do not forget to check these on a regular basis before putting the software into practice as you could get more frightened.
Remember that these programs are just a tool and your use depends on you. Its use does not guarantee you to be the champion, but it will make things easier for you.

There is not a better or ideal poker help program, everything will depend on what functions you want it to fulfill.

Surely you have lost poker a few times, do you think that the physique of your rivals may have had something to do? Probably sometime.

The fact that you win or lose in a game depends on many factors: your strategy, the strategy of your rivals, the cards, the knowledge of each one… But also, you have to be focused, and that sometimes is not so easy.
Sometimes our rivals – and their appeal – can make us nervous no matter how professional we are.

How do you think you would play if you had Liv Boeree or Tatjana Pasalic in front of you?

8 – Vanessa Rousso
7 – Leo Margets
6 – Joanna Krupa
5 – Lisa Hamilton
4 – Erica Schoenberg
3 – Liv Boeree
2 – Kara Scott
1 – Tatjana Pasalic

8 – Vanessa Rousso
This American has left many surprised in the poker rooms. Her perfect way to go bluffing, her strategy and her smile, are the perfect combination for the triumph.
With a variety of prizes, Rousso is a regular at the big Pokerstars tournaments.

7 – Leo Margets
In our list there is also room for the Spanish. Leo is from Barcelona and started taking poker seriously when she was in college.
In spite of not having any great prize, Margets is very recognized among the female faces of poker inside and outside of our country.

6 – Joanna Krupa
Polish Warsaw, Joanna Krupa does not leave anyone indifferent in the poker rooms.
This blonde has also been the cover of important magazines since in addition to being known by the letters, she is also a model and an actress.

5 – Lisa Hamilton
This Hawaiian from Honolulu is one of the female faces of poker. Her slanted eyes have caused more than one to lose concentration on the table.
Besides being beautiful, Hamilton won the Ladies Event in 2009, this being the first live event she played.

4 – Erica Schoenberg
This attractive American poker player is also an expert in blackjack. The perfect silhouette of Schoenber is not surprising, since she is a professional volleyball player and personal trainer.
Famous and resident in Las Vegas, it is also the face of Full Tilt Poker.

3 – Liv Boeree
Known in the beginning for the world of fashion and television, Liv Booeree is one of the most seductive poker players.
The English beauty participated in the European Ladies Championship, but she made the big jump to fame when she participated in the European Poker Tour. If it exceeded 1240 opponents, surely more than one was nervous with his presence.

2 – Kara Scott
Journalist, television presenter and also poker player. The Canadian is not considered a professional player, but rather an amateur.
The popular player has been sponsored by different betting houses, and that is when Scott goes on screen the audience is assured.

1 – Tatjana Pasalic
Sexy, attractive, sensual … We lack adjectives to describe Tatjana Pasalic. In addition to being a poker player, she is a blogger and television presenter.
The Croatian has been the cover of numerous magazines, and it is not surprising. Pasalic works for a famous bookmaker and also in her spare time gives her time to participate in a series. What a great match!

– Spanish Poker Championship
– Stars Poker Tour
– National Poker Circuit
– WPT National Series
– Spanish Poker League

Spanish Poker Championship
This is undoubtedly the most popular in the entire national territory. The championship consists of a series of events held in different geographical locations in Spain.
There is no fixed starting point in the same way that there is no arrival point, but there are obligatory stops that are made every year. The Casino de Barcelona or El Gran Madrid never miss the appointment.

Around 150 players participate in each championship event. If you want to be one of them you can access by paying the buy-in or for free accessing through the satellites.
The last championship was composed of 8 events in a period of 9 months, but these data are only indicative since there are no exact dates.

Stars Poker Tour
The EPT is the first live tournament that Pokerstars celebrates in Spain. Normally it is celebrated in four of the most important casinos. Barcelona, Valencia, Marbella and Madrid witnessed the last tournament.
The entrance cost is usually around € 1000, something you should keep in mind if you are interested in participating. We remind you that Pokerstars has the largest poker room in the world with more than 49 million users. A good position in this tournament could make you enter Team Pokerstars Pro, a set of professionals sponsored by the operator.
The events last for four days, and are usually held from January to August.

National Poker Circuit
Laroush Entertainment and eFortuny are responsible for the organization of this poker tournament, which each season increases its participation.
Casinos of the stature of Cirsa de Valencia or the Atlantic of La Coruña have already faced numerous players. The events of the tournament last between 50 and 60 minutes, which take place over a long period from January to December.
In addition to the event boats, each player participating in this event dreams of being the Killer of the year, since he will win the sponsorship for the following season.

WPT National Series
The World Poker Tour is a tournament organized around the world with the sponsorship of Bwin. With a great international prestige – Doley Brunson is among his list of winners – the National Series is celebrated in Spain since 2012.
The cost to participate in the Main Events is € 500 + € 50, but both the bwin and partypoker portals and the Casino de Barcelona have organized events to facilitate access to the event.
Despite its short life in our country, the tournament is every year more important and better received. The last tournament held achieved registration record with more than 500 registered.
The final prize of the last championship was € 50000, an amount that sure was not bad for Eduardo García Freixa, who proclaimed himself the winner.

Spanish Poker League
The official circuit of the Spanish Poker Federation held its first event in June 2014 and the Gran Casino Madrid is in charge of sponsoring it.
The league has 8 different stages throughout the national territory: Barcelona, Valencia, San Sebastian, Alicante … We will have to wait to meet the first winner of the league, since the grand final will take place next March at the Casino Gran Madrid.
The cost of entry for all stages is € 440, but the Madrid casino organizes satellite tournaments for much more affordable prices.
The circuit is having a good reception by Spanish poker players, so everything indicates that this is just one edition of the many that will be held by the IFPE.

– If you already know which poker tournament you would like to participate in, write down the dates in the calendar and do not forget to register in the event
– Remember that you can access some draws for free through satellites. We recommend you be attentive and do not miss the opportunity to participate in them.
– Continue watching the poker games that appear on TV and take note of the moves and strategies that surprise you the most.
– Finally, do not forget to enjoy playing and set a limit amount to bet.

Playing or not playing, that’s the question.
The inexperience, the number of chips, fear and even insecurity in ourselves, sometimes makes us not play a good game of poker.

The first two cards you receive are those that make you decide whether to bet or not and how much to do. However, do you think you always make the right decisions?
On many occasions, especially the most novice, they tend to underestimate their preflop cards and retire almost before they start. In the same way that two aces will not win you forever, a pair of fives will not make you lose all your games either.
To help you in those moments of doubt, we have made a selection of undervalued poker hands, so maybe next time you’ll think twice before retiring.

– Couple of fives
– J9 same color
– 98
– 75 same color
– 73
– Conclusions

Couple of fives
Obviously a couple of this type does not give the same security as one of aces, but its value should not be underestimated in excess.
Let’s imagine the following situation:
– Player 1 receives two aces in the first hand.
– Player 2 receives two fives on the first hand.
Player 2 decides to bet and 1 without hesitation accepts the bet in preflop. The flop is shown and two fives and a king appear on the table. The bets continue as the two players are convinced of their possibilities. At the end of all betting rounds, player 2 wins with fives poker.
It is true that it is a very favorable situation for player 2, but this or another similar one can occur.

J9 same color
Within the tables of probabilities the J9 is usually placed as a regular hand pulling bad, but why?
If you have a hand of J9 in the preflop, our advice is that you definitely see the flop. With J9 you have the option of matching, color and ladder.

If you receive 98 of the same color as the starting hand, you should know that you are more likely to win than someone with AQ or A5.
In addition, with 98 of hand you can choose to win in high card or in pairs, and even make the ladder as Matt Damon does in the end of Rounders. You never know when luck may be on your side, so why not try?

75 same color
If Bond beats Le Chiffre at Casino Royale, you can too. Agent 007 shows us once again that we should not underestimate the value of our cards.
With an unbeatable poker face, since no one can know what he is thinking, agent Bond wins in a single game the whopping of more than 100 million dollars.
Yes, it is true that it is a movie, so this is our advice: if the big blind of the game is a million dollars, think twice before raising the bet.

It is probably one of the hands that you would never play.
Although this is always included in the list of less strong hands, sometimes chance can be on your side.
We do not know how lucky you will be if you bet with this hand, but if you can afford to go, you have the option to win with a straight. However, check before the bets of the other players at the table.

Check the number of opponents you face and assess what options you have before playing. We want to encourage you to bet, not to waste your money.

In addition to the hand, the position you have inside the table is important. You will not act in the same way if you are the first or the last to speak, since the information you will have will not be the same.
We do not recommend that you do all in as long as you have one of these hands, what we mean is that you go to see the flop and continue if you think it may be worth it.
Remember that with a single bet (preflop), you can know the value of more than 2/3 of the cards.

If you are not very convinced of going to the flop, look at the cost involved. If the bets are not very high, go ahead and think that it can be a good investment.
Review some poker tactics and strategies before playing the next game.

Do not underestimate the power of a poker hand.

Poker as well as being a fun game, involves thinking and following a strategy and also, of course, can earn you a lot of money if you know how to play your cards.
We suggest you play both with your friends at home and online. In poker, as in most subjects, you learn by practicing.
In addition, and to see how far you can go, you can take a look at the professional development of Raúl Mestre. Surely your story does not leave you indifferent!
Next we give you some basic notions with which you will be able to play your first games, read on!

– Poker by definition
– The hands of poker
– Game rules
– The time to bet
– Additional boats

Poker by definition
Before entering the subject, it is important that you know the basic terms and types of moves that exist in poker. If you’re not sure you know this information, take a look at our poker ABC.
Poker is a card game in which players, with all or part of their hidden cards, make bets based on an initial bid. At the end of the game, the player or players with the best combination of cards wins the total sum of the bets placed.
Sometimes, it may not be the best hand that wins the pot, but this will only happen if through the bets placed the rest of the players at the table have been forced to retire.

As you already know, there are different types of poker: Omaha, Ruzz, Stud, H.O.R.S.E … However, in this article we are going to focus on Texas Hold’em, since it is the most common.

The hands of poker
From higher to lower value, these are the combinations of cards or hands you can make in poker:
– Royal flush
– Straight flush
– Poker
– Full
– Color
– Stairs
– Trio
– Double couples
– Couples
– High card

Game rules
The goal of Texas Hold’em is to form the best combination of cards possible.
The game follows the clockwise direction. Once the bets are made, two covered cards are dealt to each player of the table and then 5 uncovered cards are shown:
– The first three cards form the flop.
– The fourth card forms the river.
– The fifth letter forms the turn.

Betting structure
Through 4 rounds of betting, each player must form the best combination of 5 cards possible. For this combination, players can use both their covered cards as well as the five community cards.

The four betting rounds are:
– Preflop: Each player bets knowing only the value of their two tapas cards, and none of the community cards.
– Flop: Bets are placed after having shown the first three community cards.
– River: Bets are placed after showing the fourth community card.
– Turn: With the last community card the last round of betting takes place.

In the preflop first player to speak will be the one to the left of the big blind, however on the flop and the following, the first player to place bets will be the one to the left of the dealer.

The time to bet
In each betting round there is a big blind and a small blind. The big one is worth the double of the small one, and if the rest of the players of the table want to participate in the round, it will have to at least equal the bet of the big blind.
Blinds exist to motivate players to play. If there are chips on the table, someone will want to win them. Otherwise, players would only participate when they had the best hands, and the game would have much less emotion.

When it comes to betting, the options are:
– Match the bet
– Upload the bet
– Backing out
– Do all in (bet all the chips you have left)

Surely, when you receive two aces in the first hand you are clear that you are going to bet and, however, when you receive a 5 and a 6 you do not usually have it so clear. So, based on what we decide whether to bet or not? Poker is a betting game, so whether it’s money or chips, you have to try not to waste them and try to get the best out of them.

If you are playing a game, you can not decide whether or not to bet simply by hunches or intentions, at least not at all. Before doing all in, we recommend that you find a good reason to do so if you do not want to regret later.

What objective do you pursue with your bets?
– Deceive the rest of the table by making them think you have another play.
– Give value to your bet.
– Get information about the other players.
– Protect your hand against the rest.

If you think you’re not going to meet any of these goals by betting, it’s best that you pass. Nothing happens because you do not play a round or a game, there will be more. Better not to play than to play knowing that you will lose.

Additional boats
In a normal situation, the player with the best hand will win the pot, but the thing changes if one or more players at the table have done all in with their chips.

If the bets continue after a player has made all in, a separate pot will be created in which this player will not be present. If more than one player goes all in, different pots can accumulate which will be independent of each other.