You may have noticed that when someone is good at poker, although they do not always win, they do it most of the time.
However, sometimes, we can see real rookies winning big games without even knowing how they have been able.
It is not the first time – nor the last – that we see people with less skills winning poker. So, is poker luck or is it skill?

– What is poker?
– The skill factor
– The luck factor
– Conclusion

What is poker?
In order to make a difference, we must first of all remember what it is and what it consists of. The RAE defines poker as follows:
“Poker: Card game in which each player receives five cards. It is game of envite, and wins who gathers the superior combination between the several established ones. ”
As you know, depending on the type of poker we are playing, it may be that five cards are not dealt to each player, but we will not be the ones who contradict the RAE. In the definition that we have just shown, the words “game of chance” do not appear at any time. Could it be that they do not want to get wet?
Defining poker as a game of skill or chance is not an easy task. To what extent does it matter that you are good?

Online poker vs offline poker
As you know, for a few years there has been online poker. Opinions on this vary greatly from one player to another.
– Some people think that playing online poker is not so real since you can not see the face of your opponent. Those who are of this opinion believe that playing online you can not take advantage of your skills and abilities in the same way.
– However, some professionals say that the looks and all that game that can surround poker at a traditional table is more movie than anything else, and that in fact, online poker has nothing to envy to the traditional but rather the opposite .
What is the answer then? To obtain it we will consider the two factors.

The skill factor
Skill, dexterity, aptitude, ability … Call it what you want, but keep it in mind.
Imagine that you like tennis and you play a game with Rafa Nadal. You may be very good, but Rafa is Rafa and honestly the odds that you win are very low. Yes, it is not impossible, you may win a set, but it would be impossible for you to win in a tournament.
With this, what we want to say is that in sports and many other activities, luck plays a very small role, if not nonexistent.
We’re very sorry, but if you lost a game of paddle yesterday, it’s not because you were not lucky.
Something similar occurs in poker. If you’re good, or at least the best at the table, chances are you win. We say probable because in poker luck plays a fundamental factor.

The luck factor
Unlike sports, where skills are a basic issue, in poker sometimes it is of little use to be the best and the one with the most capabilities -Rafa Nadal has wanted to prove it-.

Perhaps with the following example you better understand what we mean:
Imagine that you play a game of poker against Vanessa Selbst, considered one of the best poker players in history. Surely you would not feel very comfortable playing with a rival of the likes of Vanessa, but suppose that luck is on your side that day and when the cards are dealt you receive two aces. Not bad to start the game.
Now that you are relaxed and everyone has made their first bets, the flop is shown. Two aces come out!
Indeed, inside you are dancing with joy all the sevillanas of Whatsapp, but control your emotions, it is now when you have to take advantage of your cards.
At this moment there is no Vanessa Selbst or Phil Hellmuth to make you lose your heart, here luck is with you and absolutely nothing is going to make you lose.

We are aware that the example we have shown you is very exaggerated, but with this, what we want to show you is that however good you are, if your opponent has better cards than you are lost.

Poker is a combination of both factors. Neither one separately will make you a star player.
In the long term, the good player will always win, that is, the one with the most skills and knowledge of the game. It is true that the beginner’s luck can exist, but never in the long term.

Now you know, try to develop your skills to the fullest and luck is with you.

The lack of good sportsmanship is, unfortunately, something that we often find in all kinds of sports and games, generally in any situation where there is some kind of competition. Poker is a highly competitive game, so you could not miss the bad losers.
If you are a player, professional or recreation, you must have found at least a couple of people who fall into this category, either online poker or live tables. However, in this technological age, players who are bad losers tend to express themselves more freely due to the convenience of hiding behind a screen name. We know that this is just an act of cowardice and we probably sometimes feel the need to understand why they react like that.
But if you like to be part of the online poker world, you must be clear that there will always be bad losers who seek to affect your game through insults and ridicule.
To discover how to deal with the different types of players who are bad losers, read on.

– Phil Hellmuth
– Daniel Negreanu
– Tony Guoga
– Tobey Maguire
– Why do they act the way they do?
– What to do when you come across a bad loser?
– Famous Phrases of Bad Losers

Phil Hellmuth
He is without a doubt one of the best players (with 13 bracelets of the World Series) but he is also known to be one of the worst losers of poker, in fact we believe that he occupies perfectly the first place in our list. This 50-year-old “Poker Brat” has shown hundreds of times that he does not like to accept his defeats.

Daniel Negreanu
Known as the “Kid Poker” and with 6 bracelets of the World Series, this recognized player is usually challenging but with some good manners although he likes to say what he thinks even at the cost of making enemies.

Tony Guoga
Better known as Tony G, he is a professional player in this card game that has been quite rude on several occasions, when he loses he goes crazy but when he wins, arrogance goes to his head

Tobey Maguire
The famous Hollywood actor, Tobey Maguire, is also one of the worst losers in poker. Molly Bloom is a former cocktail waitress who became a poker host to Hollywood stars. She organized exclusive tournaments involving celebrities such as Ben Affleck, Leonardo Di Caprio, the Olsen twins, among others.
After several games, Molly declared that Maguire was a great player but, without a doubt, the worst loser at the table. On one occasion, the actor humiliated Bloom in front of everyone when, out loud, he offered her a chip of $ 1000 if she started doing like a seal. When Bloom did not answer, the actor started asking her if she was very rich and did not need the money. Maguire kept losing and every time someone gave a tip to the croupier, the actor made fun. A rather childish and immature attitude for the famous actor of Spider-Man.

Why do they act the way they do?
Players who are bad losers tend to have toxic behaviors because they do not accept the fact of losing. This type of person has difficulty surrendering or accepting defeat and as a method of “protection” or defense, they become aggressive and rude, and they always look for an excuse to justify their bad game. Among the excuses we find: “the portal is faked”, “they are cheating”, “it was your fault because you deconcentrated me”, etc, with the aim of pointing the finger at someone else.

In general, these people act like this because of certain factors:
-They get angry with themselves, blame themselves because they think they were not good enough in the game and feel responsible for losing.
-They get angry when they see that their opponent celebrates their victory, which causes insults and ridicule to begin with the purpose of ruining victory for others.
-They get angry with their peers when they repeat the same mistakes in the game and “ignore their suggestions”.

It is important that you know how to deal with them, because if you let their insults or negative comments affect you, you lose concentration in the game and that leads you to lose the game, which many times that is what these players seek to achieve. poker.

What to do when you come across a bad loser?
If you have achieved a lot of them and it does not bother you, it is possible that you have acquired the ability to tolerate them which is positive for your game since their hostile, and sometimes ridiculous, comments do not affect you. But usually, when you start to be part of a game, this is one of the reasons that bother you the most because, as if losing was not enough, you have to endure unpleasant comments about the way you played and that only makes the Learning process more difficult and the game less fun.

Once you learn to ignore these types of people who only show their malpractice regardless of their age, the game becomes very entertaining, especially since their reactions turn out to be very funny. But do not worry! we have observed that as we move higher in stakes, we are less likely to encounter bad losers in online poker, we assume that this is easily explained by the fact that a player who plays higher bets probably has a deeper understanding of the game and therefore not so emotional when losing.

This is not a golden rule, of course it is possible to find someone whining in any game or format. However, it is much more likely to occur in games with low bets where people do not necessarily play as well and therefore do not care much about the game. The important thing is to disable the chat if you are playing online or learn to ignore them and teach them that you have to respect others. But if you want to fight fire with fire, when they insult you, answer them in the same way and teach them their mistakes, that will cause their emotional state to become even more unbalanced and to continue to lose.

Famous Phrases of Bad Losers
“After an electoral recount, it only matters who the winner is. All others are losers. “-Winston Churchill
“The second place is the first of the losers.” -Ayrton Senna
“If they give me a choice, Alain Prost would be my teammate, it’s the only way to prove I’m better than him.” -Ayrton Senna
“A victory is better than a million dollars.” -Ayrton Senna
“The important thing is to win. That story that the important thing is to compete does not go beyond being demagoguery. “- Ayrton Senna
“Man is not made for defeat. A man can be destroyed, but not defeated. “-Ernest Hemingway
“There are not fifty ways to fight, there is only one, to overcome.” -André Malraux

If you already have mastered Texas Hold’em and have notions of other poker modalities, this article interests you.Although the best known H.O.R.S.E game is the annual World Series of Poker tournament, you can also make your own tournament in your living room.

If you want to know how to play poker horse and the rules of the game, do not worry, we’ll tell you.

What is poker horse?
Poker horse rules
Strategy to follow

What is poker horse?
The H.O.R.S.E poker more than a type of poker is a combination of 5 variants:
Omaha Hi-Lo
Razz (Seven Card Stud Low)
Stud (Seven Card Stud High)
Eight or better (Seven Card Stud High-Low)

This type of poker requires knowledge and skills of all variants, because if you are a pro player in 3 of them but in the other two you are lost, it will be of little use.
Before getting into the rules of HORSE poker it is important that you first know the rules of the game of each modality.

Texas Hold’em
It is the best known and practiced poker modality. In general, and if the poker type is not specified, we will be referring to it.
Two covered cards are dealt to each player and five community cards are raised in the center of the table. First they will rise 3 (flop), then the fourth (turn) and then the fifth (river). Through four rounds of bets, players must make the best possible hand using a total of five cards, choosing between the two they have and the five community ones. If you still do not know the type of plays that exist or the value they have, we recommend that before continuing with the article you review the ABC of poker.

Omaha Hi-Lo
Omaha is a variation of Texas Hold’em so the rules of the game are very similar. The structure is practically the same and the plays that can be made are the same.
There are still 5 community cards. The main difference is that 4 cards are dealt to each player instead of 2. In addition, although the plays are the same as in Hold’em, players will have to use 2 cards out of the 4 that have been dealt to them. distributed and 3 of the five community.

Stud Poker
Stud is a type of poker that refers to different game variants. The main difference between Texas Hold’em / Omaha and Stud, is the way in which the cards are dealt.
In Stud there are no community cards. Each player has 7 cards among which there are some visible and others hidden for the other players at the table. The way to distribute the cards is as follows:

Round 1 or third street: 1 visible card and 2 hidden
Round 2 or fourth street: 1 visible card
Round 3 or fifth street: 1 visible card
Round 4 or sixth street: 1 visible card
Round 5 or 7th street: 1 hidden card

In each round there will be corresponding bets in which the players will decide to go, pass or fold.

Another difference is that instead of blinds, there will be before, that is, each player must make a minimum bet or bring in if he wants to participate in the round. In the first two rounds all bets must be at least equal to the bring in and in the last three, normally, they will have to be equal to the high limit.
Within Stud, the three most known variants and those that interest us since they are part of H.O.R.S.E, are Razz, Stud and Eight.

Razz or Seven Card Stud Low
It’s about getting the lowest play. Stairs and colors are excluded from Razz, and Ace is the lowest card. Therefore, the best hand (for being the least worth) is As, 2, 3, 4, 5.
In the razz he starts talking and paying the bring in the player with the highest uncovered card. In the second round and in all successive rounds, the player with the worst visible hand – the strongest – will be the first to pass, bet or fold.
The lowest hand wins the pot.

Stud or Seven Card Stud High
The goal is to get the highest hand. The Ace will be considered the highest card and the lowest card if it is used to make a straight.
The player with the lowest exposed card will be the one who starts talking and the one who will pay the bring in. From the second round until the end, the player with the highest visible hand will be the first to speak.

Eight or better or Seven Card Stud High-Low
In Eight the pot will win the best and the worst hand. The plays will be formed with 5 of the 7 cards that have been distributed to each player.

The boat will be divided as follows:
50% for the best hand
50% for the worst hand

In order to play the worst hand, or what is the same, to the low hand, it is required that all the cards be equal to or less than 8. In addition, in the low hand, the pairs do not exist, and as in Razz, stairs and colors are excluded.
If a player did not have a worse hand, he could only qualify for half the pot. In the event that nobody had it, the highest hand would take the whole boat.
Therefore, the highest possible hand (if we want to participate also in the low) would be 8, 7, 6, 5, 4 and the lowest Ace, 2, 3, 4, 5.

In this game mode, the player with the lowest visible card starts talking, and in the fourth street – round 2- and following, the player with the highest visible hand will be the first to speak.

Poker horse rules
In the H.O.R.S.E it is necessary to combine the 5 modalities of which we have just spoken to you. There is no set time for the game, it can be 10, 20, 30 minutes … but the time spent in each variant must be the same.
In addition, the modalities will always have maximum bets that will be established at the start of the game.

The H.O.R.SE does not have specific rules, apart from playing the same period of time in each variant, all you have to do is follow the rules of the game determined for each type of poker.

Strategy to follow
By now, you have already realized that H.O.R.S.E is the game of poker pros.
Each variant requires skill and knowledge and has different tactics. You have to try to compensate the games in which you are weaker with the games you dominate. The perfect strategy is to seek balance, as Ian Gordon did a few years ago.

At the beginning of the game you must be cautious, take advantage of the first rounds to see how your rivals play, see the strategies that follow, whether or not they are bluffing … If you do not know your opponent, do not try to do anything excessively risky.

In games where you are stronger, risk more chips and try to give your best. In those who have less practice, however, play only the best hands.

When you are learning a language it is advisable to watch movies in that language, right? With poker the same thing happens.
If you are starting to get interested in this world, it is important that you know in which tournaments the big pro players participate and which are the best ones.

These are the best poker tournaments in the world.

World Series of Poker
Originating in the city of Reno (United States) more than four decades ago, the WSOP or World Series is undoubtedly the most prestigious and known tournament in the world.
This championship, which has a total of 55 tournaments or different events, is disputed as is not surprising in Las Vegas, casino city par excellence. Of its 55 events, the Main Event or Main Event is the most valuable. The Main Event winner is usually considered the best poker player in the world.

It’s no wonder that the Las Vegas world poker tournament is considered the best in the world. Only the best are able to face more than 8,000 players in a one-week period and pay for it a $ 10,000 registration fee.

WOSP Europe
No need to cross the puddle! The organizers of the WSOP have organized this extension of the tournament in Europe since 2007. Scenarios such as London or Cannes have already witnessed this championship. The organization has decided to hold the tournament every two years, so the next one will be in 2015.

World Poker Tour
Originating in the United States in 2002, the WPT is with the WSOP, the best poker tournament in the world. The WPT is celebrated with different international tournaments in which the best and most professional players of the world participate.
In 2004, the WPT created the Walk of Fame, in order to pay tribute to the best poker players in the world and those who have supported its dissemination. Players like Doyle Brunson or Gus Hasen are already part of it.
The WPT has not stopped growing since its inception, thanks in large part to the media’s dissemination of it.

European Poker Tour
We’re not sure if the EPT is the best PokerStars tournament or not, but it’s definitely among the best. We could define the EPT as a series of large tournaments organized and broadcast throughout Europe since 2004. The EPT makes annual stops in the main cities of Europe such as Barcelona, London, Sanremo or Monte-Carlo.
The next poker festival of the eleventh edition will take place in Prague in December.

PokerStars Caribbean Adventure
Playing poker is something that obviously can be done in all the tournaments mentioned in this list, but not all of them are held in the Bahamas.
If you want to go to the PokerStars Caribbean Adventure, sure there is someone who is willing to accompany you. The tournament has distributed more than 100 million dollars since 2004. But do not worry if you do not win, there are millions of things to do in the Caribbean.
If more than 1000 players, 10 million dollars in prizes in the last edition and a paradisiacal environment do not convince you, neither can we.

Asia Pacific Poker Tour
The APPT is the largest poker tournament circuit held in Asia and the eastern Pacific. From the famous Macao to Melbourne, passing through Manila in the Philippines, there are many places that have seen these tournaments.

It is not the Caribbean, but the coast of Australia does not seem like a bad plan either. One of the most famous festivals on the circuit is the Aussie Millions. Held at the Crown Casino in Melbourne, we are sure that if you go you will not be disappointed. Most circuit tournaments last between 3 and 5 days.

World Championship of Online Poker
That PokerStars is the biggest poker room in the world we already knew, but what you did not know is that it organizes the best events both online and offline.
The WCOOP organized by PokerStars has been held for more than a decade and is one of the series of online poker championships with the best prizes in the world.

In addition, it has a Hall of Fame, a list where each and every one of the winners of the online tournament can be found since its inception in 2002.

You have a game and you are sure that you will win, but it goes and it happens: you lose. Can we trust online poker?
Surely you have already heard certain legends that concern the pitfalls in the poker world.
Play that sounds funny to you? Many games without winning? Does it always seem to win the same?

– Advantages of online poker
– How to cheat in online poker?
– Conclusion: Online poker with or without cheating?

Advantages of online poker
We know that many do not just convince online poker. You can not see the face of the rival, you can not intuit by his gestures if he goes or not bluffing…

Comfort: This factor is as obvious as it is essential. Being able to play from your living room sitting wherever you want without having to go anywhere is what we call comfort.

Time: You do not need to spend 3 hours in your busy schedule to play. A few free minutes are enough to play a game or even a few. In fact, for those who are accustomed to playing online, a game at a traditional table can sometimes be soporific.

Table: You choose the table where you want to play. If you want to leave the table because it does not convince you, you can do it without problem and choose another. In addition, one of the great advantages of playing online, is that you can play several tables at once. For this, you must be a little understood and be able to keep track of all the games, but if you get it, the benefits you can get increase considerably.

Dexterity: Acquire much faster experience. If you play a game in a real casino, you can play 10 in one online … Do calculations!

How to cheat in online poker?

The most popular online poker traps are the following:

Plot, collaboration, conspiracy … The trick is to plot the game between two or more players through the phone or instant messaging. If between the two that collaborate there is one that has very good cards, the two “gang” players bet, in spite of the fact that the cards of one of the two are terrible. The two players will always go and even raise the bet. In this way they will be encouraging the rest of the table to participate and to bet more money.
What you do not know is that this measure is totally controlled. If two players always play at the same table, it will be suspicious. The moment someone detects the slightest strange movement, you can always tell the operator. The operators always chase the suspects until they are hunted, something that does not take long to occur. Also, the penalties for cheating in online poker are getting so hard that we do not think it’s worth taking the risk.

Experienced players will not take long to discover who tries to cheat. In addition, among other punishments, when they catch someone cheating, he is expelled from the casino for life.

The bots or robots are computer software that we can program to play poker in an automatic way.
The first bots were created in 2001, but the mission with which they were designed at that time is far from that of now. The bots were created by software specialists with the idea that humans could play against them to be able to entertain and even train. We’re supposed to use the bots to play for fictional money, never for real money.
The problem appeared when the bots began to be used in online casinos to play for real money, an illegal practice.
Although many professionals believe that these machines are unable to win in certain types of poker, its use in online casinos is totally prohibited, no matter how small the software.
Keep in mind that in addition to calculating the best plays, they do not need to rest, do not get discouraged or play worse for having had a stroke of bad luck. If their use was allowed, the players at the table would be in clear inequality.

Multiple Accounts
The practice consists in having several accounts in the same tournament and even in the same table to increase the chances of winning.
The options that exist today that you can cheat possessing several accounts are practically nonexistent. The security measures of the different casinos and the controls they have make this impossible to carry out.

You must bear in mind that online casinos and gaming companies earn a very high income. If at any moment there was the slightest hint that the platforms are not safe, mistrust would be created or there would be some scandal, it would be the ruin for these companies. Therefore, they are not interested in users distrusting their safety.
The online casinos hire external companies that are in charge of controlling and inspecting the reliability of these portals and checking whether or not they are safe.

Conclusion: Online poker with or without cheating?
Online poker without cheating is not a legend: it is a reality.

As much as we think that the operator in which we are playing is not entirely sure, that the players conspire against us or that the cards are tricked, the truth is that it is impossible to cheat.
If you thought that we were going to tell you how to cheat in online poker, we regret to tell you that the answer is: It is not possible.

Probably, and although you can not see the face of your opponent, it is safer to play poker online than at a traditional table.

Did you know that the then president of the United States, Richard Nixon, came to power thanks to his skills in poker? Yes, through this game he managed to earn enough money to finance his campaign to Congress.

Can you imagine what you can achieve if you perfect your poker skills using the best tactics and strategies?

The first strategy that we will teach you is that you must decide if you want to win or play for fun? Deciding this from the beginning will help you discover what type of player you are and thus facilitate your decision making.

Achieving a level of game that allows you to win regularly requires time and effort, but in this article we present all the tools you need to master it, so keep reading:

– Decisions make the results
– How to win in Texas Hold’em?
– Tactics – Flop
– What you should do in a Sit and Go
– When and how to bet on Poker?
– Strategy for your opponent to fold (fold)
– Tactical if you want your opponent to go (call)
– What are Outs and Odds?

Decisions make the results

No one is immune to losing, even the best players in the world lose games, and these losses are the result of mistakes or bad decisions. It is important not to make the mistake of thinking that you will always win, your goal should be to play as well as possible in each game. They say that poker is easy to learn but difficult to master, and successfully mastering one of their games is a fun and challenging goal.

Getting good starting hands is essential, but it is not the only decision that must be made during the game. A poker strategy does not end there only. The best players are able to keep cool and start their tactics and poker strategy only after seeing what options the initial hand gives, and this ability is often the line that separates the winners from the remaining players.

A tactic and strategy in poker, not very clean but where the importance of decisions is reflected, is to make your opponents fall into arguments between them. This decision makes the game based on emotion and the result will be negative for that player who is carried away by his own temperament.

Your ability does not depend on the last game, but on the overall result of your work. What distinguishes professional players from amateur players is the fact that professionals tend to play much better than their opponents during the rest of the hand, after the decisions of the first hands were made.

How to win in Texas Hold’em?

Here we give you several Texas Hold’em Poker tactics and strategies that will help you master this fun game as quickly as possible:

Strategies for Texas Hold’em
Understand your opponents: You must always be attentive to your opponents because if you play a weak hand, it is likely to be a “fish” (novice or low level) that will end up losing, however, this can help if your hands are better.
Play the best hand: First you must decide if your hand will help you win the jackpot. This crucial decision must be made when everyone receives their first cards face down, also known as “hole card”.
It is pending of the table of position: This can have an important impact in the game.
Stay alert: Analyze the cards on the table, the behavior of your opponents and other factors that help you take advantage of others.
Playing in Turn: Here, most players have already doubled and those who remain at the table are still playing for a very good reason. If an opponent raises the bet, it usually means that the opponent has a better hand. In this case, it is better to fold and leave the table.
Playing in River: The game becomes a heads up, which means that players must be extra alert to determine if their opponent has a better hand.

Tactics – Flop

Pre-Flop: The analysis of the game is something that must be done before the “flop”. In fact, players should never follow the flop until they are sure what exactly they intend to do with their hands dealt to them.
Post-Flop: It’s time to critically analyze your hand in relation to community cards. If the chances of a good hand have decreased, you must double immediately; On the other hand, if the chances of a good hand have increased, you should not hesitate to bet.

What you should do in a Sit and Go

A Sit and Go tournament is a variant of Texas Hold’em Poker where the goal is to win all the chips of all the players. The strategies in a Sit and Go depend on the amount of chips a player has compared to the size of the blinds. That’s why at the beginning of each game you compare your stack with the size of the big blind: if you have a stack of chips it means more than 12 big blinds, if you have some chips it means 12 big blinds or less.

The idea behind this poker strategy is to play only few cards but very strong when you have more than 12 big blinds. Money is only earned when the blinds are high, that’s why with 12 big blinds or less you start playing a lot more cards. Then you must attack your opponents with the purpose of leaving them out of the game and thus obtain a significant advantage against the other players.

What about those hand partners like AA, KK, QQ and JJ? You need to make sure you raise (raise) at least 3-4 times the big blind. What you want to create is a situation in which 2-3 people say “I go” (call) and so you can isolate yourself with someone who is still committed to the boat, then you must continue to push and see what others are doing, since that could mean easy tokens for you. If you have enough chips, you must make sure to save your premium cards, if on the contrary you do not have almost chips, then you must take small pots to be able to grow your numbers.

The final stages of a Sit and Go are where you will find a lot of opposition because you are about to win the money, and a good tactic is to be aggressive to scare your opponents a little.

When and how to bet on Poker?

Winning in this game depends on the tactics and strategy you use, and making bets of appropriate size, if you achieve this, you will increase your advantage over your competition. When having to make a bet it is important that you take your time to think about your goal, this will improve the probability of achieving your mission.

Another detail that you should always remember is not to make the same bet in the same circumstances all the time, this will make it very easy to read. You must vary the size of the bets, always keeping your final goal in mind.

Strategy for your opponent to fold
If you have decided that your goal is for your opponent to retire, the golden rule is: bet as little as possible. In this way you can save money and achieve your goal. Most opponents will fold to the smallest bet with the same frequency as a bet of the full size of the pot. If your opponent has insisted on going (call), he will do it regardless of the size of the bet.

Tactical if you want your opponent to go (call)
If you are making a bet and you want to be called, you are making a value bet. This means that you have the best hand and the gold rule would be the opposite of the previous one, and it means that sometimes it is better to make a larger bet that will be called less times instead of making a smaller bet that will be called more often.

What are Outs and Odds?
The Outs are the cards that have not yet come out and that will improve the hand to win the pot, on the other hand, the Odds are the odds that you have in the game of your outs in the community cards. Knowing how to calculate the odds is very important because through them you find out when a hand is profitable and when it is not, in order to retire.

There are two golden rules to calculate the probability of your hand improving with the outs:

The probability of improving your hand with the next card is: [number of outs] x 2
The probability of improving your hand on the turn and / or river is: [number of outs] x 4

For example: if you have a flush with 9 outs, your probability of winning will be [9 outs x 2] = 18% chance of winning.