This one is the event of events of the year. It are the example and the mirror for any world circuit. See it hereby: the half of your family is sure that it has in his list of things for making, the power say: ” I have played the Main Event of the World Series of Poker “. Do not you believe yourself it? Then you should see the tail of record in the WSOP, next July 5 of 2.011 in Las Vegas. There you will see the incredible stream of people of any United States who approaches to gain something of small amount of money – and to see if they put them in a televised table, next to some famous one. In any of the 1st, your opportunities to sit down next to Phil Ivey are bigger than them of winning. The WSOP are one of the events that really change lives. A great number of acquaintances of the world of the poker turned what they are thanks to some fat well check gained in the WSOP: Antonio Esfandiari, Tiffany Michelle, Michael Mizrachi (who in addition can win this year the Main) … they all take contracts to themselves and turn into pros thanks to his trip to the WSOP. Thousands of persons play in the Series of Series, in Las Vegas, and you must be one of them.

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