Do not be a rookie. As much as you are new to poker and never before in your life have you played a game, do not show it to the rest. Simulate. Do not be yourself.

1. Learn to shuffle the cards
It is not necessary to shuffle the cards in the air with one hand, but if mixing the cards is not one of your virtues, practice before going to the appointment. If you do not, the whole table will discover that you are a rookie as soon as the cards touch your hands. Use your spare time or those in which you are lonely, we assure you that it will be worth it.

2. Wait to see your letters
Do not go ahead or get impatient – everything in time. Nobody is going to take the cards, so wait until the dealer has finished distributing to see your poker cards quietly. Remember that the side on which the number is written should be facing you, sometimes rushing can play tricks on us!

3. Respect the order to speak
Do not make someone yell at you “why don’t you shut up”. There is an order to speak in poker and each player knows when it is his turn. Save phrases like “Hey, it’s your turn” if you don’t want to be thrown out of the table. Also, if in the worst case a player is doing things wrong, there will be someone in charge to tell them.

4. Go without fear
“You are not weak, the weak are them. You are strong and you will win … ” Even though you know it’s a lie and that you are less likely to win than the lottery, they should not notice it. The players of a poker table are like dogs, they smell the fear, so if they see you scared it will not take a second to jump into your jugular. Do not enter the room with the face of “I’m a rookie” and relax.

5. Show off your poker face
We’ve probably already told you everything you need to know to put on a good poker face. Do not let them read on your forehead the play you are carrying and confuse. Of course, control not spend with the faces because if you exaggerate you will give fear to more than one.

6. Do not always bet
You don’t have to play all your hands. We know that this is difficult, because if it is your first game you want to play the more the better, but listen to us and calm down. If you see that you have no options, do not hesitate and it happens.
In addition, it is also important that you do not give clues about your way of playing. When you have low cards you never play and as soon as you have an ace you bet everything? Error. The rest of the players will know that you have a good hand and will not want to see your bet.

7. Do not carry a chop with the order of the plays
Remember that the intention is not to look like a rookie. What kind of impression do you think you would give? Leave the chop with the order of the poker moves at home. If you do not know them and you think you’re going to have to ask which one is worth more, you’re not prepared.

8. Remember that the chips are money
Do not throw the chips, or mix them. As much as you believe the millionaire of Monopoly, do not forget that it is money and not a toy. You will probably see how the other players play with them, but you do not. Remember that you are new to poker, so you should be focused on other things.

9. Avoid the “we have come to play”
You are not in a television program deciding between the box or the door, so as much as you feel this way, do not share it with the rest. In the TV show you might take a blender home, but you arrived empty-handed. However, in the game it is your money that is at stake.

10. Do not let them catch you
Follow all the recommendations that we have given you, expand your knowledge and add if possible one of the elements for a perfect poker game. You are the fish of the table and you know it, but do not let them catch you. Do not be a rookie

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