– Spanish Poker Championship
– Stars Poker Tour
– National Poker Circuit
– WPT National Series
– Spanish Poker League

Spanish Poker Championship
This is undoubtedly the most popular in the entire national territory. The championship consists of a series of events held in different geographical locations in Spain.
There is no fixed starting point in the same way that there is no arrival point, but there are obligatory stops that are made every year. The Casino de Barcelona or El Gran Madrid never miss the appointment.

Around 150 players participate in each championship event. If you want to be one of them you can access by paying the buy-in or for free accessing through the satellites.
The last championship was composed of 8 events in a period of 9 months, but these data are only indicative since there are no exact dates.

Stars Poker Tour
The EPT is the first live tournament that Pokerstars celebrates in Spain. Normally it is celebrated in four of the most important casinos. Barcelona, Valencia, Marbella and Madrid witnessed the last tournament.
The entrance cost is usually around € 1000, something you should keep in mind if you are interested in participating. We remind you that Pokerstars has the largest poker room in the world with more than 49 million users. A good position in this tournament could make you enter Team Pokerstars Pro, a set of professionals sponsored by the operator.
The events last for four days, and are usually held from January to August.

National Poker Circuit
Laroush Entertainment and eFortuny are responsible for the organization of this poker tournament, which each season increases its participation.
Casinos of the stature of Cirsa de Valencia or the Atlantic of La Coruña have already faced numerous players. The events of the tournament last between 50 and 60 minutes, which take place over a long period from January to December.
In addition to the event boats, each player participating in this event dreams of being the Killer of the year, since he will win the sponsorship for the following season.

WPT National Series
The World Poker Tour is a tournament organized around the world with the sponsorship of Bwin. With a great international prestige – Doley Brunson is among his list of winners – the National Series is celebrated in Spain since 2012.
The cost to participate in the Main Events is € 500 + € 50, but both the bwin and partypoker portals and the Casino de Barcelona have organized events to facilitate access to the event.
Despite its short life in our country, the tournament is every year more important and better received. The last tournament held achieved registration record with more than 500 registered.
The final prize of the last championship was € 50000, an amount that sure was not bad for Eduardo García Freixa, who proclaimed himself the winner.

Spanish Poker League
The official circuit of the Spanish Poker Federation held its first event in June 2014 and the Gran Casino Madrid is in charge of sponsoring it.
The league has 8 different stages throughout the national territory: Barcelona, Valencia, San Sebastian, Alicante … We will have to wait to meet the first winner of the league, since the grand final will take place next March at the Casino Gran Madrid.
The cost of entry for all stages is € 440, but the Madrid casino organizes satellite tournaments for much more affordable prices.
The circuit is having a good reception by Spanish poker players, so everything indicates that this is just one edition of the many that will be held by the IFPE.

– If you already know which poker tournament you would like to participate in, write down the dates in the calendar and do not forget to register in the event
– Remember that you can access some draws for free through satellites. We recommend you be attentive and do not miss the opportunity to participate in them.
– Continue watching the poker games that appear on TV and take note of the moves and strategies that surprise you the most.
– Finally, do not forget to enjoy playing and set a limit amount to bet.

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