One of the big differences between online and traditional poker is the amount of information we can get about our rivals and the game itself.
While in a traditional poker game you can play a single hand and the calculations you make depend on you and your abilities, in one online you can play several at a time and serve as support softwares that make decision making easier.
There are numerous help programs for online poker, depending on the function you are looking for, it will be more interesting to use one or the other.
More information translates into greater gains, so then we tell you everything you need to know about these.

– Advantages of support sofwares
– Hold’em Manager
– PokerStove
– Flopzilla
– Tournament Shark
– Wilson Poker
– Are help programs allowed?
– Free or paid Sofwares
– Conclusions

Advantages of support softwares
Depending on the type of software we use, these can be very useful when playing a game of poker.
The fact of not using this type of programs can put us at a clear disadvantage against many of our opponents in the online gaming tables. The main advantages of these programs are:
– They help in the process of reading the rest of the players.
– They offer the option to simulate hands before rivals of different category.
– They allow the calculation of probabilities of our cards at different moments of the game.
– They monitor the game thus helping to make decisions.

Hold’em Manager
This program is for many poker professionals one of the most complete and useful in the market. The software has two fundamental functions:
– The HUD (Heads-Up Display). The importance of these HUD is basic since they help the player at the same time that the game of poker is developing. When playing at a table, it can be easy to study the behavior of a particular player, but when participating in several at the same time, this can be a more complicated task. The HUDs calculate statistics about the players at the table, so that we can analyze the information and draw conclusions more quickly.
– The reports are important once the game has finished. These allow us to analyze the hands already played as well as the general strategy of the game that we have followed. By attending to different criteria such as the number of players at the table or positions in which we have played, we can even reproduce the game in its entirety.

It is an equity calculator for Texas Hold’em that we can use in the preflop, on the flop and on the turn. In a simple and fast way, this software is able to calculate the winning options that we can have before all the community cards are shown.
The calculator loses all its value during the development of the game, the time to use it is before all the cards have been uncovered.

Flopzilla is a statistical software that calculates the frequency of a certain range in different situations.
This program is very simple to use. You just have to point out the initial hands as well as the table and statistics to get the frequency with which a certain range can occur.

Tournament Shark
The Tournament Shark has a huge database about the other players at the table. As they usually act in certain situations, in what phase they have finished their previous tournaments, losses or gains in which they have finished …
Once the program opens, it provides all the information you have about your opponents and is very easy to manage. However, it may not be entirely reliable since the data collected by this support software is relatively recent.

Wilson Poker
In addition to analyzing your own game and that of your opponents, it is important that you train if you want to become one of the best.
Wilson Poker is a training program that allows you to practice and play poker games against a machine. Without the need to bet real money, Wilson Poker allows access to different tables as if it were real poker games.

Are help programs allowed?
As we have just shown, there are different support software for online poker. Neither all are allowed nor all are prohibited.
As its name indicates, they are programs of help, not cheating.

– Most will be allowed all those who provide help in calculating the winning options upon receiving the initial hand.
– In general, all those who allow collusion with other players at the table as well as make use of robots, will be prohibited.

Each operator contains within its web a list with the allowed help programs and not all the lists are the same. In addition, these lists are subject to change so they can be modified frequently.

Free or paid Sofwares
The information in poker, as in most cases, is a very important tool that can be decisive when winning.
In our opinion, if you want to play poker like a true professional you should consider buying these poker support programs as an investment rather than as an expense.

The Hold’em Manager, for example, is free, but if you want to access your extras you will have to pay. The price of this goes from € 50. However, you can also download the Free Poker Data Base, a program of less quality but completely free.
With the Tournament Shark the same thing happens. If you do not mind having less quality, you can download the Poker Score that resembles it.
On the other hand, Pokerkstove is completely free, so you should not hesitate to get it.

Although there is a series of support software allowed, the list of games for each operator is subject to change. Do not forget to check these on a regular basis before putting the software into practice as you could get more frightened.
Remember that these programs are just a tool and your use depends on you. Its use does not guarantee you to be the champion, but it will make things easier for you.

There is not a better or ideal poker help program, everything will depend on what functions you want it to fulfill.

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