Interface clarity: Pokerstars

The Pokerstars software is the best of the three compared. It is simple and very intuitive as well as complete, a sine qua non condition to occupy the place of the program with the clearest interface. The weight of the file that you have to download is the smallest of the three files, a positive point if you have a slow internet connection.
The 888 program is close to the previous one. It has good graphics and it is also simple and easy to use but the weight of the file is greater. In turn, Titanbet, despite being a good software, is behind the two commented since it has a more conservative interface.

Available games: Pokerstars

The Pokerstars software has the most games. In total it has 16 against the 10 of Titanbet and the 7 of 888. In the program of the red heart you will be able to play from the most famous games like Texas Hold’em, Omaha High or Seven Card Stud to other more minor ones like Five Card Drwa and Razz.
In the other two programs you can also play the most famous card games around the world.

Poker school: Titanbet

If you do not have the rules, for example, Texas Hold’em, it is best to start by reviewing how to play. For this, Titanbet is your safe bet. On its website you will find information that is well structured and easy to understand. The 888 and Pokerstars schools are also complete and very elaborate, but the one with the best reading is Titanbet.

All the pages also add a glossary and a graphic description of the hands with images of cards. Titanbet goes further and also offers you strategy knowledge so you can start planning your games quickly. You can perform a poker test before to know what your level of knowledge is.

VIP Section: Pokerstars

The VIP section of Pokerstars is the one that most rewards its most loyal players. As in Titanbet, there are different categories of VIP players that will depend on the refund you receive when you play. The heart brand is the program that offers you more gifts, tickets to online tournaments, electronic items and small luxuries (like clothes or books).

The 888 program offers the second best VIP program. In it you will have a personal account manager, entrance to exclusive events, first level tournaments and birthday surprises.

Mobile application: Pokerstars

In one of the most important aspects of the current era, the mobile application, the victory of Pokerstars is clear. The application is available for Android and for Apple (like the 888). With it you can even continue to follow the latest videos of the most important tournaments in the world. Titanbet has no mobile application.

Result: Pokerstars

To get started in poker, it’s best to do it with the Pokerstars program. It is one of the most famous in the world not only because it has been sponsored by players such as Cristiano Ronaldo or Neymar Jr., but also offers one of the most intuitive and comprehensive software on the market.

Despite not offering the best card game school, it is very close to Titanbet. You can find the hands, a dictionary and the rules of each game in a detailed and clear way for the less experienced. In addition, Pokerstars offers the best mobile application to play away from home.

Also, if you like the green carpet game and you are going to be a regular on the virtual green carpet, the red heart mark offers you the best VIP program of the three. You can win many gifts, buy refunds, attend exclusive events both outside and inside the world of cards.

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