Of all the advice received during playing online poker, there is one that stands out above all; have patience. Patience is what will shape or wreck Internet players and what will make money.

Frequently we can be weeks with bad cards, but a good poker player knows how to overcome it. A general rule of poker is that playing well above the limit ends with one quickly, but playing impatiently before still.

Professional poker players are tremendously patient
You can not find any poker player impatient because poker is a game in which you win in the long term. In poker you always have enough luck to win profits, but the best players know that poker has more ups and downs than the stock market so the most profitable plan is to maintain consistency.

It is said that 1,400 hours of play are needed to profit. Although it is true, really a good poker player should be measured every month. If you play well and consistently, you should give benefits every month.

There will be occasions when you have horrible bad luck and lose yourself during the whole month. If you start to lose month after month, you have to ask yourself if patience may be the problem.

There are two types of impatience:

Gambling too much in ruinous hands
Playing too many hands

Gambling too much in ruinous hands
Even if you only play with the best hands, you can also be impatient. It may be that you are putting too much money in ruinous hands. For example, you climb with kings and there are three who see it. An Ace appears on the flop but still bet. Someone goes back up and it is known that it has been lost. Good players know how to recognize this. Impatient players will not know how to acknowledge that their hand is ruined, and will continue to play as if they had the best play.

When you bid hard on good hands, you never want to lose money. If you have not achieved anything on a flop with an Ace and a King, do not go crazy.

Playing too many hands
It may be that you are playing too many hands. Contemplating the computer screen for an eight-hour poker session can be boring. This causes fatigue in some people and thereby loosen their game; It is easier to press the bet button than to be attentive to the game.

The best advice to combat the fatigue and boredom that can accompany some poker sessions is to play only while you can be alert as it is the best defense against new players. On the contrary, one could lose interest in playing good poker and take refuge in luck as the best way out. You have to know how to retire or leave the casino when you feel tired.


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