Anaconda rules

What sets the Anaconda Poker rules (also: Pass the Trash or Switcheroo) apart from most other variations is the fact that you can choose which cards you want to continue playing with. The cards that you do not like, you just pass on to your neighbor – hence the second name: Pass the Trash.

Here’s the anaconda (pass the trash) rules:
Player: 4 – 7
Betting rounds: 4
Category: Draw Poker
Betting options: Fixed Limit, Pot Limit, Spread Limit, No Limit, Mixed Limit, Split Limit

Poker rules Anaconda Poker
Anaconda Poker is played mostly with Antes and in the Fixed Limit variant.

1st betting round: Each player receives 7 face-down cards dealt. This is followed by the first betting round.

2nd betting round: Every player chooses 3 of his face down cards and places them next to him to the left. Once everyone has done that, everyone picks up the cards that the player has placed to his right and the next betting round takes place. It is important that each player does not pick up his neighbor’s cards until he has taken his own three cards.

3. Betting Round: Each player now hands over the next two of his face-down cards to the player to his left. Then the third betting round starts.

4th betting round: Of the two remaining, originally dealt cards, each player passes one more card and begins the last betting round.

From the 7 cards in front of you, each player now chooses 5 cards to make his final hand. The player with the best hand wins the pot.

Card Ratings Anaconda

The Anaconda Poker card standings follow Hi-Poker’s usual card-based scheme, as is the case in Texas Hold’em, Seven Card Stud or Five Card Draw. The value or rank of a leaf is the higher, the rarer it is.

Anaconda rule variants

Before the showdown, players place the 5 cards of their hand face down in a pile in front of them on the table. Afterwards, at a signal from the dealer, all players reveal their first card from the pile. Thereupon a betting round takes place again, started by the one who shows the highest card. The game repeats itself over four more betting rounds. The next face-down card from the stack is revealed by each player and a betting round takes place.

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