Black Mariah rules

Black Mariah Poker is another variant or more a group of variants of Seven Card Stud Poker. Thematically it is about the Queen of Spades, the black Maria. A very varied game that generates big pots.

Here are the Black Mariah rules:
Player: 2 – 7
Betting rounds: 5
Category: Stud Poker
Betting options: Fixed Limit, Pot Limit, Spread Limit, No Limit, Mixed Limit, Split Limit

Poker Rules Black Mariah Stud Poker
Black Mariah starts like a normal Seven Card Stud game. Each player receives two face-down cards and one face-up card.

If the visible card of any player is the Queen of Spades, Black Mariah, the round will be canceled. The money that is already in the pot also remains in the pot, e.g. Antes. The cards are collected again, mixed and a new round begins.

If the open card is not the Queen of Spades for any player, it continues as in Seven Card Stud Poker. Each player will gradually receive 3 more cards that are clearly visible in several betting rounds, followed by a face down card.

At the showdown wins the player, who on the one hand can show the best hand, but also additionally holds the Queen of Spades as the last hidden card. If no player can meet these two conditions, the round will be aborted. The money, all bets, remain in the pot. The cards are collected, shuffled and the game starts again.

In order to win a pot at all, a player must either force all opponents to fold at any game point or hold the best hand in a showdown plus show Pik Dame as the last face-down card.

Rule variants of Black Mariah Poker
In other variants of Black Mariah Poker, the Queen of Spades is a wildcard. A player holding the Queen of Spades can use the card for any card. It is then a kind of Joker card.

Follow the Queen: In Follow the Queen Poker, each queen is a wild card, as well as the card dealt directly after a queen. In addition, all other cards of the same rank are Wildcards. e.g. A heart ten are dealt right after a lady, all tens and every lady are wildcards. The tens are only wild cards as long as no other queen is dealt.

Follow the Cowboy: Follow the Cowboy is the same game as Follow the Queen, except that each queen counts as a wildcard instead of every queen.

At the showdown, the pot is shared. The first half goes to the player with the best hand. The second half goes to the player with the Queen of Spades as the last hidden hand. If nobody has the Queen of Spades, the second half of the pot is also awarded to the player with the best hand.

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