Lowball rules

Lowball is on the one hand a general name for a variation of the poker rules of almost all variants, according to which not the best, but wins the lowest hand. Lowball is also called in colloquial language explicitly the variation of Five Card (Double) Draw Poker, is played in the Lowball rules.

Here are the Lowball rules:
Player: 2 – 7
Betting rounds: 3
Category: Draw Poker
Betting options: Fixed Limit, Pot Limit, Spread Limit, No Limit, Mixed Limit, Split Limit

Poker Rules Lowball Poker
Lowball Poker as a rule variant of Five Card Stud is played as normal Five Card Draw Poker, where there are two draw rounds (Double Draw).

The difference is that Lowball wins the lowest hand. And there are different rules to go for. They differ in whether the ace counts as the lowest card (rather than the highest) and whether streets and flushes exist in the rating.

Rules Lowball Ace to Five
The ace counts as the smallest card in these rules. There are no roads or flushes. Ace Two Three Four Five is the best possible hand.

Rules Lowball Ace to Six
The ace again counts as the smallest card, but the streets and flushes exist, which means that a flush on the hand is a very bad hand as it is struck by every lower-ranking hand (for example, a pair).

Rules Lowball Deuce to Six
The ace counts as the highest card and there are no roads and flushes.

Rules Lowball Deuce to Seven

Under the rules of Deuce to Seven Lowball the ace is the highest card. There are also roads and flushes. This variant is also called Kansas City Poker or Billy Baxter Draw Poker.

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