No River Holdem rules

If you are tired of being outdated on the river in Texas Hold’em, you should introduce the relatively young variant No River Hold’em to your poker round. The game is played as in Texas Hold’em, but each player receives 3 cards and there is no River card.

Here are the No River Hold’em rules:
Player: 2 – 10
Betting rounds: 3
Category: Hold’em Poker
Betting options: Fixed Limit, Pot Limit, Spread Limit, No Limit, Mixed Limit, Split Limit

Poker Rules No River Hold’em Poker
For those of you who already know Texas Hold’em rules, the rules change in No River Hold’em is very easy to understand.

Each player receives three instead of two cards at the beginning. As always, there are three flop cards and one turn card, but there is no river card.

Since No River Hold’em, like Texas Hold’em, is almost always played with blinds as the basic bet, the two players to the left of the current dealer must pay the small blind and the big blind at the beginning of each round.

Each round is divided into 3 betting rounds in No River Hold’em:
Preflop: All players receive 3 face down cards, their holecards. This is followed by the first betting round. It is opened by the one who sits to the left of the player who paid the big blind.

Flop: Three cards are dealt face up, the so-called flop. Everyone can add the cards to his hand. Afterwards, the players put back on their cards. This time, the player starts to the left of the dealer.

Turn: A fourth card is dealt face up on the table, the turn. He too is a community card, so can be used by all players for their hand. Then the remaining players put back.

This is followed by the so-called showdown. Any active player tries to make the best possible five-card hand from any of his three cards and the four community cards. The player with the highest hand wins the pot.

Card Ratings No River Hold’em
The No River Hold’em card rankings follow Hi-Poker’s standard card value scheme, as it is also used in Texas Hold’em, Seven Card Stud or Five Card Draw. The value or rank of a leaf is the higher, the rarer it is.

Pinatubo Hold’em: The rules of Pinatubo Hold’em are the same except for one difference: The second and third betting round are combined into one.

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