Pick a partner rules

What is considered scams in other poker games is part of the rules in Pick a Partner: In Pick a Partner Poker, two players each form a team and put their cards together to form a hand that beats the rest of the team at the table compete.

Here are the Pick a Partner rules:
Player: 4, 6, 8 or 10 (number must be straight)
Betting rounds: 4
Category: Draw Poker
Betting options: Fixed Limit, Pot Limit, Spread Limit, No Limit, Mixed Limit, Split Limit

Poker Rules Pick a Partner Poker

Pick a Partner has a very distinct component: In each game round, two players each come together to form a team. Therefore, the game must always be played with an even number of participants. As basic bets you can choose antes or blinds.

Mate choice: Each player receives 5 face-down cards that only he can see at first. Afterwards each player reveals one of his cards. The player with the highest face-up card now looks for one of the other players as a partner. Then the next one of the still free players, who shows them the highest card, chooses a partner, etc.

Betting round 1: The respective partners of a team combine their still hidden cards, so 8 (four each per player), and select from it 3 cards, with which they want to continue playing. The other 5 cards are discarded. After that, each team should have two open and three face down cards in front of them. This is followed by the first betting round.

Betting round 2: Each team reveals another card and there is a betting round.

Betting round 3: Again, the teams reveal a card and it starts the third betting round.

Betting Round 4: At the end, the teams reveal their last card, followed by the fourth and last betting round.

Of the remaining teams wins the best hand. The two players of the team then share the pot and it starts the next round, in which new teams have to come together again.

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