Poker on Facebook

Poker in the social network

Social networks have long been offering their users not only the opportunity to communicate with each other. In addition, they can also play games. One of the largest networks of this kind, Facebook, has been offering some gambling for some time. Of course, Facebook Poker is not about real money. Instead, play here just for fun. You will be credited with a certain amount of chips, but this can be increased by promoting new players and other actions. Of course, the idea is close that Facebook Poker has few users. After all, there are numerous specialized poker rooms that also have a fun mode. In fact, 28 million people regularly use the Facebook Poker application.

However, the regularity is relatively low, at least once a month. But even this few reach true online poker providers. Of course, Facebook Poker is not really a competition. After all, only users who do not want to spend real money playing through which online poker provider earn their money play here. However, many consider the developer, Zynga Poker (poker provider on Facebook), in the future in the real money field as competitive. Some time ago, this tried to introduce a real money game. However, this move has been blocked by the US authorities as online gambling is still banned in the US.

If you still want to enjoy the game of Zynga, you can do so through Facebook Poker. Here every user who is registered in the network has the opportunity to play the Texas Hold’em poker game free of charge with his friends. But even a real poker room operated by the developer seems to be within reach, either as an offshore project or as one of the first official rooms in the legalized online gambling environment in the US.

Other Facebook poker games

The application of Zynga is the most popular Facebook poker and has many followers. It became particularly well-known because the developer has already published numerous other games for the network. But there are other games on Facebook that address the popular card game. They include “Good Ol ‘Poker”, “Goodgame Poker” “Governor of Poker” and “Governor of Poker 2”. Basically, the gameplay of all programs is the same. Therefore, Facebook Poker users only have the opportunity to play the most popular form of Texas Hold’em. It is also suitable for newcomers, because the rules are easy and understandable. However, from the point of view of many experts, serious competition could only become Zynga Poker. Thanks to the high number of players in the free application, a real poker room would have numerous users within a short time.

Play on Facebook

Of course, Facebook Poker does not offer the scale and high level of real online poker rooms. The difference is that here is played exclusively with play money. As a result, there is no real mood for many as they do not take any risks. But especially for newcomers in the world of card game Facebook Poker is practical. This allows them to work out different strategies and get to know the game. In addition, they are taken away from the fear of defeat. Many trust Facebook Poker to participate in real games and to spend money. Either said users log in to one of the many online poker rooms or focus on live games. These can be enjoyed in almost every state-owned casino and you can often find attractive tournaments with a low buy-in.

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