In Hold’em Poker there are two variants. Once Texas Holdem Poker and then Omaha Holdem Poker. The only differences are that in the Texas variant of each two cards and in the Omaha version four cards are dealt, and that in the Omaha variant per table only nine players can play instead eleven. Both are played with 52 cards.

Take the Texas variant for illustration. First, the minimum bet and the first “dealer” is determined, which is marked by a special button or chip, in front of his place. The “dealer” now shuffles the cards and hands out two each to the remaining players. The first two players left of him must make a bet before they look at their cards. These are called small and big blind.

The small blind is used by the first player and is half of the predetermined minimum bet. The big blind is set by the second player and is the exact minimum bet. The remaining players may already look into their cards before.

Now the bets are made. This happens in a clockwise direction. Since the first two players had to make their bet already, the next left of them is their turn. This can now also raise the minimum bet like its predecessor or fold. Before the game, however, it must be clarified whether there is a limit to increases. This is called limit. The round continues until each player has made the same bet.

When the time comes, the dealer places the first card from the stack and places the next three cards face up on the table (the flop). Now there are again missions. There is now the option to check, so without making a bet, to see the next card. However, every other player needs it. If this round is over and everyone has made the same bet or has checked, the next card is put down and the card underneath is revealed (the turn).

The same procedure repeats itself one more time, and then the last card on the table (the river). Even though everyone has made their bet here, everyone puts their own cards on the table. The combination of the cards of the players and those on the table, then gives the respective hand of the player. The highest hand wins and if the same hand occurs twice the pot is split.

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