Texas Holdem Poker rules

Texas Holdem is the most popular poker variant which is also the most televised..

How is Texas Holdem played?

A deck of 52 cards is used, all card values from two to ace are included. You play with at least 2 players and each player gets 2 cards hidden at the beginning (hole cards). English terms such as hole cards are more common in poker and you should master that language. During the game, there are betting rounds in which the player can call, fold or raise. The pot is won by the player who either holds the best hand or is the only player left in the pot because he has driven all the other players out of the pot, which means all other players have folded. The best hand holds the player who can make the best hand of 5 cards from his two Holecards and the 5 community cards in the middle.

Which hand better than another?

High Card

All card values are different and you have nothing in principle. In this case you have a so-called highcard. The high card means, the highest card of the 5 cards is scored. If another player now has the same high card, the next higher card decides, etc.

One pair

Two cards of the same value, so a pair. As with the highcard, it is here too. So, if another player holds the same hand, and therefore has an equal pair, the next higher card counts the five cards, and so on. A pair of 10 beats a 9 pair, a 9 pair beats a pair of 7, and so on.

Two Pair

Of course, better than One Pair is Two Pair, which are two couples. If two players have the same two pairs, the next highest card counts. For example, if two players have different two pairs, for example, player 1 has a Jack and a pair of four, and player 2 has a pair of tens and a pair of five, then player 1 would win because he has the higher pair in total. When comparing the second two pair you first see who has the highest pair and if both players have the same, then you would see which of the lower pairs is higher. Sounds complicated, but it is not.

Three of a kind

Better than two pair is the treble, Three of a kind. Each treble beats a two pair. Otherwise, it is again similar to the two pair. Whoever has the higher treble wins. If both players have the same treble, the height of the two remaining cards determines who wins.


Better than the three of a kind is the straight. That’s 5 cards in a row, say 5-6-7-8-9. Here’s just to say that the higher road wins and that the ace can count as both 1 and the highest card value. So it is both a road possible from A-2-3-4-5, as well as 10-J-Q-K-A. Not possible is something like K-A-2-3-4. The ace can only be used in the aforementioned combinations in this way.


Even better than the road, the flush is 5 cards of the same color. By color is meant not red or black, but cross, spades, diamonds or hearts. If two players have a flush, whoever holds the highest card within the flush will decide. If both have the same highest card, the second highest decides, etc.

Full House

A real top hand is already the full house. This is a triplet with a couple. If two players have a full house, first decide who has the higher treble and next, who has the higher pair.

Four of a kind

Even better is Four of a kind, so four of a pair of cards. Decisive is then the value that you keep next to it.

Straight flush

the straight flush is almost the non-plus ultra. This is a street in one color, ie 3-4-5-6-7 in check, for example.

Royal flush

The absolute best possible hand is therefore the Royal Flush, so 10-J-D-K-A in one color. If you have not yet internalized this hierarchy of cards (hands), you should not sit down at a poker table.

Texas Holdem Poker Rules Part 2 – Game play

At the beginning, each player gets two cards dealt face down by the so-called dealer. The dealer is marked by the dealer button. The game begins. At a normal table, to the left of the dealer, a place next to the dealer, sits the small blind (SB). Independently of his cards, the small blind must set a certain amount, for example 1 euro, and he can not yet decide to fold or raise; he must bet that amount. A place next to the small blind sits the big blind. That must logically set the big blind, which is usually twice the value of the small blind. The next player’s turn now has the freedom to choose whether to call (call), pass or raise. After that, it is the turn of the next player to decide whether to call, match or raise. Once all the players at the table are through, it is the small blind’s turn again. He has already set the small blind and can pay later, if he wants to go, or raise or pass. Now it’s the turn of the big blind, who has not had the chance to bet before. He can either check or raise now. Should he check, the first three community cards are revealed, the so-called “flop”.

Now the next round of betting starts and the first player is the player closest to the dealer. Now, as before, each player can choose to check or bet (Bet). If all players check, pass on, the next community card would be revealed in vain. But if a player bets, the other players can decide whether to call, fold or even raise. Whenever either all players have checked or when all have the same amount in the pot, the next card is revealed.

The fourth community card or betting round is called “Turn”. The game is the same now as on the flop.

The fifth and last community card and betting round, called “River” and the process is the same again. As soon as the last betting round is over, the players show their hands in the so-called showdown and the player with the best hand wins the pot.

With this knowledge, you should be able to play the game to master it, but it takes more, so I recommend that you carefully read through all of our poker-related articles.

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