The showdown at poker

If one player bets during the game and all other players fold, the pot goes to the leftover player. If at least two players remain in the hand until after the river, then they have made it to the showdown. In a showdown, the cards of the remaining players are revealed and compared with the community cards. Each player tries to make the best five cards from his hole cards and community cards. In order to form a hand, the player can use no, one or both hole cards, of course always in combination with the community cards, so all five, four, or three. If the player’s best hand is made up of the five community cards, it is called “playing the board” and he can only hope to share the pot. If two or more players have equivalent cards after the showdown, then the pot is split, with the remaining chips going to the player closest to the button on the left.

Showdown example:

Board: Ts, Ks, Td, 7c, 9d
Peter: Kd, Qh
Paul: 9s, Tc
Mary: Th, Jh

Peter’s best hand is Kd, Ks, Td, Ts, Qh. He has two pairs, kings and tens. A poker hand must consist of five cards, so the lady fills up her hand.

Paul’s best hand is Tc, Td, Ts, 9s, 9d. He has a full house.

Mary’s best hand is Th, Td, Ts, Ks, Jh. She has a set of ten with Kicker King.

In this hand, Paul would be the winner of the entire pot. His full house is the most valuable hand. Mary is second best with her triplet. Peter has the worst hand with his two pairs.

When the winner receives the chips, the dealer collects the cards and the hand is over. When the dealer shuffles the cards, the next hand starts.

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