That’s the way to play poker

The poker game begins when the dealer shuffles and distributes the cards. A plastic “cut card” obscures the view of the last card in the deck. Each player receives two cards, one at a time, with the player sitting at the small blind getting the first card. The cards are distributed clockwise, the player on the button receives his cards last.


Now it’s time for the first betting round. The player after the big blind starts the game. His position is also called “Under the Gun”. He has three options: call, raise or fold. First, you can call by placing the chips of the big blind. Second, you can raise by placing at least twice as many chips as the big blind. Third, you can fold your hands if you do not want to play this round. You give his two cards face down to the dealer. The dealer places the folded cards on a pile called a Muck. If a player folds his hand, he can no longer participate in the game round. If the player under the gun has put his action, it continues clockwise until all participants have either called, raised or folded. The last player in the round is the big blind. If no one has raised in front of him, he has two options: check or raise. He can check in to continue playing without another bet, or he can raise. When all players have resumed their bets after a raise, the dealer places all bets in the middle of the table and hands out the first three cards, the flop.

The flop

The dealer takes the top card and places it face down on the muck. This is a security measure so no one can see the cards still being distributed. The dealer then takes the next three cards and places them face up on the table. These are the first three community cards called the flop. They are placed in the middle of the table called “the board”.

It follows a new betting round. From now on, however, the action begins with the player who sits on the left closest to the dealer button and ends with the player who is closest to the button on the right. The first player has two options, check or bet. When he checks, the next player has the same options. However, if he bets, the next one already has three options: check, raise, fold. These options now exist for all players until either folded or paid.

The turn

The dealer again puts the top card on the muck and places the next card face up on the board. This card is called Turn. The possibilities for the players are the same as on the flop.

The river

The dealer again puts the top card on the muck and puts the last card face up on the board. This card is the last community card and is called River. The next betting round is the last one, the players have the same options as on the flop and after the turn.

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