The typical low limit texas holdem game

Poker is definitely a game of knowledge and strength. Therefore, there are also different strong players and these are getting better, the higher the blinds are. For example, with a $ 1/2 game, you’ll do not hit such good players as in a $ 30 / $ 60 game. But when will the players get better and when will they be in a low limit game?

In poker, you will generally find a variety of characters at the table. Some may be retirees who are just for fun and others are pros who want to earn a bit of money from the game. Most of the time your opponents will be somewhere between these two extremes. As a rule, the players are workers who want to relax in a good round of poker.

Of course, if you play online, it is impossible for you to tell who your opponent is. On the Internet you only see a small picture that does not have to make a direct statement about the opponent. Behind the picture of the hot blonde can also be a steel-hard miner or another character.

But what are “low limit games”? They are also jokingly called “No Foldem”. This is due to the fact that often all players in the round remain with it and everyone goes along until the showdown. There will always be one or the other in these games, who will look at the flop with bad cards and then hope for his “magic” card until the end.

As a rule, you will not find any professional players in these games. The participants usually just want to have fun and therefore play almost every hand without bad cards after the flop.

Difference to Micro Limit games

The Internet has created a whole new generation of online poker: the so-called Micro Limit.

These are such low limits that you could not play profitably in a real cardroom or casino. Often the microlimits only use stakes for cents. These low limit games give a good start to total beginners to learn the rules and certain tactics through real poker.

However, you can not win or lose large amounts of money with these cent amounts. If you play a round of 3/6 $ limit you can win / lose $ 300 on a bad night, but for a .10 / .20 $ game this amount will be barely more than $ 10.

If you’re really serious about playing poker, you should work your way up from the beginning to the Micro Limits to the Small Limits and stay there for a while. These two limits are definitely beatable and you can make a lot of money by playing well. Of course, there are always situations in which one also loses, because one of the opponents still got his magic card.

In the long run, these limits are definitely beatable and sometimes one or the other good players will be at such a table and want to earn a dollar or two. Starting at $ 3/6 $ it goes into mid-limit and there the opponents will be much harder and harder to beat.

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