Is Online Poker Worth It?

Poker was a very popular game even before the Internet broke out. In this era, poker greats like Phil Hellmuth and Stu Ungar were born and inspired the masses with interesting playing techniques.

But since the emergence and rapid expansion of the Internet, online poker has become increasingly popular. Online poker rooms seem to have sprung up and attract players with interesting bonuses to their sites. But online poker is now a good thing or better to avoid.

If you are a beginner and have never played poker online poker is definitely a good thing. Here you can calmly and, above all, learn the rules of the game at any time and also apply and try out advanced techniques. It has been proven by study that players are developing much faster through online poker and thus are getting better and better.

For online poker, this is clearly because you play more hands at certain time intervals than in a poker room. In a poker room, the game flow is much slower and you may have 10x less hands per hour, which of course has a negative impact on the learner’s development process.

The further advantage of online poker is that you can play there with very small stakes, which would never be possible in a real casino for reasons of cost. The fact that you can not win and lose much because of the small amounts, but still has the feeling to play for real money, has a positive effect on the learning curve.

But even professional players can take advantage of online poker. By being able to play at several tables simultaneously, the experienced player will be able to increase his profit per hour. In addition, it is often possible for many players to sit at a high limit who are at best average players and thus a welcome gift to a professional player.

Do online poker rooms have disadvantages as well? The only plausible disadvantage is that a certain protection against gambling addiction is not regulated by the continuous accessibility. Although only very few players are affected by this, it can have serious consequences for those who suffer from gambling addiction.

In a real poker room, the croupier would simply forbid a player from recognizing a gambling addiction to continue playing. However, this does not work in an online casino and can not be controlled. However, if you suffer from (as hopefully most) no gambling addiction, an online poker room has no disadvantages for you.

For some online players, there is another not-so-common disadvantage: they often overestimate themselves! You have e.g. paid a small amount and quadrupled within a very short time. Then the affected think that this is of course only on their “skills” and they are already playing at tables with higher limits in order to play even more profitable.

You should always remember that poker always involves a certain amount of luck and always be a controlled player. If you follow these rules, you will see that online poker can really be a nice thing.

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