Bluffs show at poker?

The bluff, one of the most popular moves in poker. Especially when you watch the many transmissions on TV, you often see that professional players bluff the whole world and thus expose the other. But does it make sense to show a bluff at all and when should one do this?

In tournaments, showing bluffs is a very interesting thing. The players show the audience the bluff and show how clever they were and how they led their opponent by the nose. Often, however, showing such bluffs in front of the camera is just pure arrogance and brings no benefits to the rest of the gameplay.

Consider for yourself: What advantage does the successful bluff bring to the whole audience? Through such actions the opponent will memorize and apply a more aggressive game against you. In poker, there is absolutely no advantage in making the opponent down unnecessarily. He will take revenge on you in another situation.

Also, keep in mind that the audience saw the successful bluff through the pocket cameras anyway and what do you expect when the opponent now knows it? He really just gets more aggressive and will try to take revenge in another situation.

But sometimes it’s just like that: In a big poker tournament, you can often see bluffs appearing frequently in the later stages. The goal is to make the opponents more aggressive and thus pursue the goal that the opponent feels so humiliated that he performs ill-considered actions and quickly flies out of the tournament.

This tactic is based on the psychological level and should not be included in the standard repertoire. It may be that this tactic works at one or the other tournament, but even here, the revenge will come eventually and you will be even in the position of the opponent.

Bluff are generally not recommended to show! By giving the bluff to the opponent, you reveal information about yourself and your style of play. Of course this is not done consciously, but a good player can use this information and possibly apply it on your next bluff.

Therefore, you should always be careful when trying to show bluffs. Let it be better and keep your joy for yourself without artificially upsetting the other.

At cash games, bluffs are not recommended at all. You should always play with caution in cash games and try no bluffs. There are usually players of different strength at the table and one will call your bet with high probability. If your bluff attempt flies you have lost a lot of money at first and on the other hand the table image is not so good either.

People no longer take their stakes so seriously, thinking of the bluff attempt you made on this table a few hands before each hand. A good player can try to take advantage of this behavior of the players and thus lure them into a “trap”. However, one usually has only the money lost for the bluff back in it.

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