Stud Poker is not a specific poker game like Texas Hold’em, but it is a collection of games in which players receive a mix of cards face down and face up. Unlike Hold’em and Omaha, players do not share community cards but each player receives several cards from which they have to make the best possible combination of 5 cards.

For example, in Stud Poker with 7 cards each player starts with two cards face down and one card face up (open for opponents to see). The betting rounds do not necessarily start with the dealer’s left as in Hold’em, but they can start with the card holder greater or lesser than those that are face up (depending on the Stud played). Because of this, the player who has to open the pot first changes from round to round.

For example, in Seven Card Stud (High) the game starts with each player receiving 2 cards face down and one card face up. The person with the lowest card up has to make a minimum bet. This round of betting is called the “third street”. After the third street each player who has been in the hand receives a second card face up and thus has now a total of 4 cards. This is when the second round of betting begins and is called “the fourth street” (referring to the fourth card dealt).

This is repeated until the remaining players have 2 cards face down and four cards face up. Finally, the last card (known as ‘the river’) is dealt face down, giving each player a total of 7 cards (three face down and four face up). This is also the last round of betting and once the rest of the players are completed they expose their cards face down. The player who can make the best possible combination of 5 cards wins the entire pot.

As you may have noticed, Stud Poker at seven is a kind of invested Holdem. Holdem players have to make the best hand with their own two cards in combination with the five community cards on the table (a total of 7 cards), while in the stud seven cards each player is dealt 7 cards, which has to make the best combination of 5 cards.

The history of stud poker games goes much further back compared to the history of Holdem games. During the War of Independence of the United States, the variant of stud poker with 3 cards was a very popular poker game. The five-card stud variant (similar to the Seven Card Stud game described above) became very popular among soldiers during the American Civil War. Seven card stud has a relatively short history compared to the other version of the game and became more popular in casinos when they started offering poker in the United States.

Since the three-card Stud Poker was the most popular game to play, many different versions of stud poker have been created. Some examples are:

Caribbean stud poker: a game that is offered in most casinos and is a version of stud poker where players play against the house and not between them (similar to a blackjack installation).

8-or-better stud poker (aka Hi-lo): This game has the same configuration as the stud to five or seven cards, but not only the highest hand wins the pot, but also the player who has the hand wins. lowest (below 8 high, unpaired).

Missippi stud poker: It was invented to make seven-card stud more suitable for pot-limit and no-limit games. It has a betting round, and less in the showdown you will have 2 cards face down and 5 cards face up (not 4 as usual).

Mexican Stud: There are several forms of poker five card stud with added jokers and a stripped deck, sometimes taking out the eights, the nines and the tens. It is often played with a very high bet and by the wild card and the stripped deck can be a really crazy game with highs and lows.

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