This is the first thing you will need to learn to play any variant of poker, since without it you will have no idea if your combination of cards is superior to those of your opponents.

The goal in each poker hand is to form the best combination of 5 cards. This way you will win the boat when you arrive at the showdown. The other way to win a hand is to make a bluff, but it is still useful to be able to assign a range of hands to your opponent, both weak and strong.

There are a total of 10 poker hands that you can form using 5 cards in a deck of 52. The highest poker card is the Ace and the lowest is 2. To form the best combination of 5 cards you will need a 10, Jack, Queen, King and Ace, all of the same suit. This combination is called Royal Flush and is the best poker hand. On average, you will have to dispute more than a quarter of a million hands to form a Royal Flush (therefore do not expect to form one in the short term and feel truly happy when it happens).

The smallest hand of poker is the one called As the highest card, a combination of 5 cards in which your highest card is an Ace and none of the other cards are even or any combination of any other. In general, this is not a hand to which you must aim to form in poker, although in some hi-lo poker variants the smaller combination of cards allows you to win the jackpot.

We give you a tip here if you plan to play Texas Hold’em poker: try to aim to form combinations such as ladder and / or color, since these hands can be very difficult to foresee on the part of opponents and generate large jackpots and, usually , are usually winners.

If you don’t know the best 10 poker hands by heart, it is definitely one of the first things you should learn if you want to avoid headaches when you play.

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