The river is the last round of the hand and represents the last chance for players to improve their game and make bets.

The dealer places one last uncovered card, the river, in the center of the table.

Once this fifth community card is revealed, the last betting round begins. As in the previous two rounds, bets begin with the first player to the left of the dealer who is still in play.

Again, in the case of no limit poker, any player wishing to bet must put into play an amount equal to or greater than the large blind corresponding to the preflop round (the first round of a poker hand).

In limit poker, the player must place a bet equivalent to twice the original big blind at this stage of the hand.

Players can bet and take part in the action until all have passed, matched or have withdrawn.

Once this action is completed, the showdown is followed to determine the winning hand. If a player bets and the rest of the players withdraw, the hand is terminated and the showdown is not necessary (because the player who bet wins the pot without confronting any other player).

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