General indications and tactics

It is said that the game of poker is very easy to learn, but it is difficult to get to play the game very well. It is indeed a difficult challenge to discern the mysteries of any poker game. In this section on poker strategy you will find many valuable tips to help you become a good poker player.

The basic strategy of any poker game involves understanding several concepts that need to be assimilated and understood in order to become a winning poker player. The following concepts are fundamental to learning a winning poker strategy:

A very rigorous selection of the starting hands, which is called “tight game”.
An aggressive game.
Alternating the style of play, to disorient opponents.
Watch the game of opponents, so you can take advantage of their mistakes.

Permanently think of these concepts as you train your poker player education. These strategic concepts are in a way similar to a painter’s color palette – the basic colors are the same, but each artist uses them in their own ways that define their style.

Some considerations about poker strategies

Important decisions for the beginner poker player

First of all you have to decide if you want to play poker for money or just for fun. To win constantly requires so much time and effort. In other words, it takes a lot of work. There is nothing wrong with playing poker just for fun, but there is also no reason to lose, even if you only play for fun. That’s why you have to decide what type of poker player you want to be, to make your future poker decisions easier.

If you constantly make the right decisions, the results will eventually be seen

Even the best poker players in the world have losing sessions. It is a mistake to believe that you will win every time you sit at a poker table. Your goal should be to play as well as you can in each game session. If you manage to do this, the results will be seen as your skills develop.

Many players make the mistake of judging their poker game based on the results of each game session. But your goal should be to make the best decisions every time. The more often you do this, the better your results will be.

Mathematics in poker

Poker is a game in which math plays an important role, and also a game with incomplete information. The above statement may sound a bit complicated, but it is not. To put it simply, one can say that a winning poker strategy is based on a very good selection of starting hands. If you enter the game with a good hand more times than your opponents, you will win more often than them.

Beyond the start hands

Choosing the starting hands is fundamental to a poker strategy, but this is only the beginning. Once you have acquired the knowledge of starting hands and understand how your position at the table influences the demands of these hands, the next thing you need to do is play the rest of your hand as best you can. What distinguishes professional players from amateur players very well is that the former play much better than their opponents throughout the hand, even after the decisions on the starting hands have been made.

This is all the more important in terms of decisions made just before the end of a hand. These qualities involve calculations on the size of the pot and bets, understanding how opponents tend to bet, as well as using the position. The years of play required to improve the middle and end game during a poker hand are worth the effort, however, because small improvements in a poker player’s abilities can have a huge effect on his winnings.

Avoiding the “Tilt”

In poker, tilt is generally defined as the loss of emotional control, for various reasons. An essential quality of a poker player is to avoid tilting. Your opponents will try to make use of your state of mind so as to push you to make the wrong decisions, but they will only succeed if you let them. The game based on emotional states results in the wrong decisions and lost money. It can happen to anyone who is affected by tilt, and sometimes the only remedy is a pause. This should not prevent you from stopping the game, because the poker table will be in the same place and in 10 minutes. And it will actually be in the same place the next day.

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