The popularity of multi-table tournaments (MTT) has grown in recent years and one of the reasons is that players have been given the opportunity to win large amounts of money with a relatively small investment. Especially in the big ones, players can buy tickets for tournaments for as little money as $ 0.10, or even play freerolls without any investment. Therefore they are offered a great opportunity to experience the sensation of the game without risking a lot of money. Keep reading this article if you are looking for some of the best poker tournament strategies.

However it is important to remember that poker tournaments are very different from poker games for cash. Although the rules of the game remain the same, the strategies involved are, in many cases, very different. As a result, it often happens that cash game players have trouble playing successfully in tournaments, and vice versa, because they find it difficult to adapt their way of playing each time.

Without a doubt, the biggest difference between the strategy of a tournament and the strategy of a game for cash is the fact that, in a tournament, once all your chips are gone, you are out of the tournament. As a result, it is important to keep your poker chips as long as possible and not spend them on too speculative hands, especially during the first phase of a tournament. Some players will tell you that the initial stage of a tournament is the perfect time to play a lot of hands, because the blinds are low, when in reality, the opposite is true. Because you’re still not under any threat of being eliminated, you have the luxury of being very demanding with what hands you are going to play, and this is exactly what you should be doing. Focusing solely on monster hands like JJ + and AK, will not only minimize the risk of rapid elimination, but also help you build a strong image on the table, which will be very useful during the final stages of the tournament.

Once approximately 2/3 of the players have been eliminated, the blinds get bigger and bigger and the money bubble is getting closer, you can start to relax your game a bit. Most of the fish have already left the tournament, and your conservative image on the table will allow you to pick up some blinds if you find the right places to do it. On the other hand, as payments are getting closer each time, many players will now only focus on reaching money and not taking risks with marginal hands. But be careful, even though you got here, elimination at this time would still mean leaving you with nothing, so don’t start to be too creative yet.

Once the money bubble bursts and you are guaranteed a payment, this is the time to start taking more risks. If you have a stack of more than half in front of you, start collecting small batteries and try to stay away from other large batteries, unless you have a strong hand, of course. However, if you are one of the small batteries, now is the time to quickly double it. Your goal is to do it as deeply as possible in the tournament, preferably to reach the final table, and for this it is necessary to collect many chips.

Although this poker tournament strategy may sound very simple, poker tournaments require a lot of patience and discipline. They are more times than the tournament will leave you empty-handed than those with full hands. However, once you have reached the final table and even won everything, a look at your funds will compensate for all the hard work you did.

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