Since the entry into the new century, No Limit Hold’em has become the most popular form of poker worldwide. The ‘No-Limit’ game mode indicates that a player can bet all his chips at any time during a hand, which, on the one hand, makes it a very risky game to play, but at the same time provides an emotion factor unmatched by any other variation of poker.

As with any other form of poker, having the right strategy is the key to success, and what better place to start than hand selection. Because a No-Limit poker jackpot can be lost very easily, having a strong hand with a high success rate is vital. For beginning poker players, what is recommended is to adopt a conservative-aggressive strategy. This implies that you remove the vast majority of your preflop hands, but if once you have a strong hand, you play it very aggressively.

Your position during a hand is also a very important aspect in no limit poker. The sooner you have to act in one hand, the worse your position on that play will be, because you don’t know what the players are going to do behind you. When in the last positions, you have the advantage of being able to see what your opponents decide to do, then you can base your action on this information.

Your position in one hand also affects the selection of pre-flop hands. Here is an overview of the hands with which you can upload the pre-flop in different positions:

Principles of the position: JJ +, AK

Average position: TT +, AQ +, AJs +

End of position: 99 +, AQ +, AJs +

Small pairs of 22 to 99 can also be very profitable in non-limited cash poker games. These are good hands to match the pre-flop in all positions, even when a player goes up (although he would refrain from calling a raise with these hands as very large). Your goal is to have a trio on the flop and we hope you can stand against a strong hand like AA or KK, in which case you are likely to win a big jackpot. The important thing to remember with these hands is that sometimes you have to remove them on the flop and wait for the next opportunity.

While the pre-flop game is relatively easy with the adoption of a conservative-aggressive strategy, post-flop is the phase where things can be a bit more complicated. If we stick to the hand selections mentioned above, you will often find yourself in a dominant position after the flop, especially if you match premium pairs, two pairs – or even a trio. Unfortunately, this will not always be the case, but even if you lack the flop you don’t necessarily have to give up your hand immediately. If you have shown a lot of strength before the flop, you can shoot another bet on the flop in case all your opponents have checked their hands and there is still hope to pick up the boat with a bluff. However, if you encounter a lot of resistance, it is important to realize when you are defeated and give up your hand. A decisive factor for a successful No-Limit Hold’em poker game is not only to maximize your winnings when you have the best hand, but also to minimize your losses if your hand is weak.

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