In the preflop stage, the two players seated to the left of the dealer must place the pre-established bets before starting the distribution of known cards with the name of ‘blind’. The player immediately to the left of the dealer is the small blind, while the player to the left of that is the big blind. After each hand, the dealer’s position, the small blind and the big blind rotate around the table clockwise (to the left) for the duration of the game, giving all players the opportunity to occupy those positions.

To start a new hand, players in the small blind and in the big blind must perform their positions of the respective amounts before the cards are dealt. Blinds are mandatory positions and cannot be removed from the boat. The blinds must be matched by the other players to remain in the game and continue to play their cards. The amounts contributed by the small blind and the big blind will be computed as a credit in the case of the payment of a bet or a revire on the part of the players who occupy said positions. (For example, if no player turns to the big blind, the player who occupies that position will have already put in the pot enough to see the flop “free”).

The first stage of the game is known as preflop.

Once the positions of the small blind and the big blind have been made, the dealer will proceed to mix and distribute two covered cards to each player. Letters should be dealt one at a time clockwise, from left to right.

The small blind receives the first card, while the player with the dealer button receives the last card. These cards are called ‘covered cards’ or ‘cards in hand’. Once all players receive their covered cards, the player sitting immediately to the left of the big blind starts the betting round.

Each player, in turn, may ‘pay’ (equal the current maximum amount of the bet), ‘raise’ (bet a higher sum, which should be at least double the current maximum bet), or ‘withdraw’ (leave your hand throwing your cards face down towards the center of the table so that they are placed in the discard pile).

The lowest or minimum posture that can be done should be equal to the amount bet by the big blind. Players may bet more than the minimum; This is called ‘upload’. If a player revives, that amount will represent the new minimum amount for bets of that round.

Bets continue around the table clockwise. When the player’s turn comes to the position of the small blind, he can pay the bet by adding the remaining chips to match the higher amount bet, he can raise or withdraw, giving his chips already bet.

The last person to act in the preflop stage is the big blind. The player in this position has the option of raising, matching or retiring. As long as no one has gone up to the big blind, the player in this position will be able to continue disputing the hand. In this case, if you decide to pass, the big blind will not be required to add more chips to the pot. If the big blind wishes to raise, the betting round will continue around the table until each player has matched the bet or has withdrawn.

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