A computer

Yes, do not kid yourself, you need a computer to play poker online. Do not worry though, the system requirements are low. The online game consumes indeed few resources, since you intend to play on less than a dozen tables simultaneously, which is the case for the majority of poker players.

Beware, however: if you intend to buy a Mac for the purpose of playing poker, make sure that the poker room you want to play on offers a suitable software, or that it can play directly online without installation.

An Internet connection

A broadband connection is preferable, although I doubt that currently low-speed offers still exist. It does not have to be mega-super-fast, the most important is its reliability, so you do not get disconnected in the middle of a move in which you would have committed a lot of chips.

A poker room of your choice

The offer is huge. Get an idea by trying several poker rooms before making your choice. Traffic, interface, etc. : There is something for every taste. Take your time to discover them one by one. In a forum, you will find multiple opinions on each of them.


You are now ready to tackle sharks from all over the world, as well as pigeons roaming the web. Start by getting used to playing fake money before thinking of depositing a few euros on the account of a room.

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