Article on the different types of poker (5 Card Draw, Texas Holdem, Omaha, 5 Card Stud, 7 Card, Video Poker, Strip Poker and other types)

The number of Poker variants is very large. Poker has been adapting to various places, people and thoughts. The original game is what is known as 5 Card Draw but today there are endless variations. The most practiced at a professional level, through the Internet, is Texas Holdem. Apart from these two great types, which we explain in more detail below, there are many others that are well worth knowing and trying.

The first major distinction to make is between No Limit, Limit, and Pot Limit. The Limit is the maximum that a player is allowed to bet on each betting round.

Limitless Poker is the purest type and is the most common in major tournaments. This is probably the most exciting and addictive variant. There are no limits or restrictions when betting, and at any time we can bet all our chips – the famous All-in if we wish.

Limit Poker has previously established what can be bet in each round. There is a limit of three raises per round and the minimum raise must be at least the same value as the last bet or raise during the same round. In Holdem, the maximum bet in the first two rounds is equal to the highest limit.

Pot Limit Poker is the least common variant of all, but now it is starting to increase in popularity. In this mode the maximum available raise will always be the amount accumulated in the pot. This is the money collected in the middle of the table, plus all the bets that are on the table, plus the amount that the active players that still have to put can put. The minimum raise must be at least equal to that of the last bet or raise in the same round. There is no set limit to the number of increases.

For a beginner it is best to start with 5 Card Draw, since it is a fairly simple variant.

5 Card Draw Poker

It is the classic poker game, the one of a lifetime. Poker has evolved a lot over the years, 5 Card Draw remains as the original and best known to the general public and from it derive the other variants.

Texas Holdem Poker

The World Series of Poker has existed since the early 1970s and the emergence of the Internet with online tables. Without a doubt, Texas Holdem is the most practiced variant of Poker in the world.

Other outstanding modalities:


This variant of Texas Holdem is played with the substantial difference that four cards are dealt to each player instead of two. The player is required to use two of his four cards and three of the five commons that are uncovered in the center of the table. It must be taken into account because there are more cards that link higher plays.

The betting procedure is the same as for Holdem Poker. The first round of betting after the first deal and subsequent rounds after the three card flop, turn and river.

5 Card Stud

First, each player receives two opening cards, one covered and one uncovered. The first round of betting is carried out and, once closed, each player receives a new uncovered card and another round of betting is made until each player has five cards, one covered and four uncovered. At the end of the last round the cards are shown. Whoever has a better combination wins. In case of a tie, the suit of the card is taken into account. The order from highest to lowest: Spades, Hearts, Diamonds and Clovers.

7 Card

The rules are similar to 5 Card Stud but three initial cards are dealt to each player, two covered and one uncovered. The following three are equally distributed in each round of betting and uncovered until reaching the seventh, which is covered again. At the end each player has three cards covered and four cards uncovered. Five betting rounds are made if the end is reached, that is, one more than in 5 Card Stud and the club is also taken into account in case of a tie.

Poker / Caribbean casino

It is the variant that is played with the dealer at the tables of the casinos. The peculiarity is that each player plays against the bench and not against the other players. A preliminary bet is made, five cards are received without discard and it is decided whether to go or not.

Video poker

It is played on machines and, as in any slot machine, you have to insert coins or chips. A button is pressed – usually Deal – and five cards are received. Then we select the cards that we want to keep and we discard the others receiving new ones. If you get a better hand than the machine, you win.

Strip poker

This erotic game is normally played under the rules of Draw Poker. After each hand, the loser has to remove a piece of clothing. The one who does a bad deal ends up naked in the end. Strip Poker is very popular and there is a specialty World Championship.

Other types of poker

3 Card, Pai Gow Poker, Let It Ride, Razz, HORSE …

The number of Poker variants is almost endless. In these pages are the most important and practiced but there are many others such as 3 Card, Pai Gow Poker, Let It Ride, Razz, HORSE (combined games), etc.

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