Poker, since its origins have been undergoing modifications in order to find ways of playing that, are more fun, exciting, or require greater control by players. This has resulted in a wide repertoire of poker modalities and types in which the characteristics vary and which are more or less welcomed by the players.

The most popular for more than a decade is Texas Holdem, but almost all types of poker are common among the offer of poker rooms and it is worth knowing the characteristics of each one to find the one that best suits our tastes.

Texas Holdem Poker

The most played in the world among all types of poker. Each player receives 2 cards of their own and then up to 5 common cards are placed on the table. The player will be able to use his own 2 cards and the 5 common ones to elaborate the best possible move. There are 4 betting rounds that are preflop (only with your own cards), Flop (with 3 community cards on the table), Turn (with 4 community cards on the table) and River (with 5 community cards on the table).


Texas Holdem plays tournaments and events every year with thousands of participants like the WSOP, in which millionaire prizes are distributed. Texas Holdem tables are available in almost any small casino, and it is of course the type of poker with the most professional players.

5 Card Draw Poker

The evolution of the poker player begins by entering the world with the 5 Card Draw, for a few years later moving to Texas Holdem. In the 5 Card Draw, 5 cards are dealt with each player, and a round of betting will take place. Then a discard will be carried out and after this a second and final round of betting.

In the event that the showdown is reached and there are several players who reach the end of the last betting round, the player with the highest play of his 5 own cards will win the hand.

It is also known as classic poker since it is the most traditional among the types of poker.

5 Card Stud

One of the most peculiar types of poker, although it is very popular in the United States. It has the peculiarity that only one of the player’s own cards is dealt face down while the rest are visible, which is information for the other participants.

Before the first round of betting, 2 cards are dealt to each player, one deck and the other uncovered. A round of betting occurs and one more face-up card is awarded to each player, and so on until 5 cards have been dealt to each player with 4 betting rounds total.

7 Card Stud

The 7 card stud is about the types of poker that can take the longest to master. It is very similar to the previous one with the difference that the total number of cards dealt to each player is 7.

In the initial deal 3 cards are given to each player, 2 of which are covered and one uncovered. After the betting round, one more card is dealt with and will be revealed to each player. A new round of betting will occur. The process is repeated with the 5th and 6th cards, which will also be uncovered and will each lead to another round of betting. The last card or “River” will be covered and the last round of betting will take place after it.


Omaha is an advanced version of Texas Holdem and one of the most modern and complicated types of poker played on the internet. 4 own cards are dealt and covered to each player and in total there are 4 betting rounds that are preflop, flop, turn, and river.

Each player will be able to use only 2 of their own cards to make their move, and 3 of the common cards.

Caribbean poker

Among the types of poker, the Caribbean is different in operation since it does not compete against other players but against the house, considering itself a casino game. It is a form of face-to-face poker between the dealer and the player, in which the participant to win will have to achieve a higher play than the dealer.

5 cards are dealt to the player and 5 cards to the dealer, of which 1 will be face up to give that advantage to the player, who will have in some casinos the possibility of buying a card change (discard). Each player decides if he calls or if he passes, and if the dealer has not played the hand is not even played, each participant has to pay the initial bet.

Then the cards are shown and each winning player is awarded the prize that corresponds to him based on the value of his move.

Video Poker

Video poker is a game typical of online casinos and the machines of some physical casinos. 5 cards are awarded to the player who will have a discard to achieve the best possible move. If you get a minimum hand (usually a pair of jacks) you will receive a prize based on the value of your hand, which will go up to the straight flush. It is one of the most peculiar types of poker and it does not compete against any opponent.

Strip poker

Strip Poker is the least serious of all types of poker. It is characterized because it does not play points, chips, or money, but showing up to the rest of the players with more or fewer clothes. Strip poker is usually played among friends, to add a touch of emotion and mischief to a festive night.

It does not matter which type of poker is used as the basis for this game since the only difference will be in the payout for lost hands.

Online poker bookmakers

Some bookmakers traditionally sport betting, have a section to play poker online. This is the case of Bwin or Betfair, which offers their players the installation of a PC software and application for mobile devices, which allow them to participate in tournaments and cash games.

Then there are other poker rooms that have subsequently added the possibility of sports betting, but whose experience comes from poker. For example, 888poker would be a bookie in which poker has a more than considerable roots, and hence it offers game modes and events for all players.

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