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What is a poker room?

Players meet in a poker room and play. The poker rooms offer different types of tables such as play money tables, real money tables, tournament tables and sit and go tables. The offered games are usually in the formats Pot Limit, No Limit and Fixed Limit. Once you are logged in to a poker room, you have free choice of which tables you play. Hundreds of tables are offered and thousands of players are waiting to compete with you. It is important to make sure that you choose a table that suits your money on the poker account. In the table selection, you will notice the poker game (Texas Holdem, Omaha, Omaha Hi / Lo, 7 Card Stud, 7 Card Stud Hi / Lo, Razz, 5 Card Draw, 2-7 Triple Draw, 2-7 Single Draw, Badugi) , the maximum limit and the number of players at the table.

Cash Tables – These tables are limited to a maximum number of players (usually 10, 6 or 2. You can leave such a table at any time) Do not choose tables with high limits if you have little money on your poker account. The likelihood is high that you lose everything quickly. Play in limits that are appropriate for your bankroll.

Tournament tables also have a maximum number of players, but unlike cash tables, player numbers can easily be in the thousands. The special thing about tournaments is the fact that with the minimum buy in (eg $ 1) you can win hundreds of dollars in prize money, depending on how many players participate in the tournament. If you know the rules well and have some experience, we can only recommend poker tournaments. Tip for beginners: Do not play tournaments with big buy-ins just because you see the high prize money. The odds are high that you will be eliminated very early because most of your opponents will be playfully superior to you.

Sit and Go Tables – The Sit and Go is a mini tournament with a maximum of 30, 10 or 6 players. As a rule, the top 3 finishes pay prizes at such a mini tournament. In some poker rooms, sit and go tables even offer jackpots. For example, you can win a jackpot if you win 5 Sit and Go tournaments in a row, or if you have a top hand (for example, Royal Flush or Quadling).

This is not the Sun Poker that you may think that you know. What was once a consistent but unattractive site on the floundering CryptoLogic Network is now a sleek, well-oiled machine operating on the tip top iPoker Network.

Sun Poker now has video introductions and tutorials, strong promotions and awe-inspiring traffic. Though the iPoker Network does not accept US customers, it is the single largest poker network in the world today.

Popularity: 9 of 10 – Excellent

There’s really only one knock against Sun Poker and its iPoker host and that would be that they do not accept US customers. Otherwise you’re just not going to find any more popular site than Sun Poker: only PokerStars and Full Tilt have more traffic than iPoker, and both of them do the brunt of their business through US customers.

Security: 8 of 10 – Excellent

Again, Sun Poker is very solid in the way of security. A strong encryption system keeps things locked down but the real focus of the security team is manpower. Drawing on the colossal power of the iPoker base, Sun Poker is able to keep its site under lock and key through personalized security measures. No major cheating scandal, no major complaints on any big forum – Sun Poker is a safe place to play.

Player Competition: 9 of 10 – Excellent

When you’ve got 20,000 players you’ve got to have appropriate competition in there somewhere. Whether you are looking for small-stakes fishies or big buy-in sharks, Sun Poker has so many players that you are ensured of finding the right level of competition for you.

Site Software: 6 of 10 – Good

What was once a weakness has become a strength for Sun Poker: a beautiful home page anchored with video proclaims to all who venture into Sun Poker that this is a site designed to look good. While the download can still take some time and there is no flash based version, once you are actually in a game you can be sure that there will be no delays or lag (at least not coming from their end.)

Customer Support: 9 of 10 – Excellent

Sun Poker is one of the three best sites online in the way of customer support. Going to their “Contact Us” subsection can even be intimidating: 5 distinct email addresses, 7 toll free hotlines – you can even fax them if the desire so strikes you.

Company Ethics: 9 of 10 – Excellent

A well-tested Random Number Generator and security team meet with the unparalleled customer support and raw power of the iPoker Network to create a substantial and ethical environment in which to play poker. While the lack of big time promotions keeps the ethical evaluation below a 10, Sun Poker should be considered to be one of the good guys in the poker world.

Site Promotions: 6 of 10 – Good

It’s never easy to scoff at free money and Sun Poker does offer its share of free money to its players. A 100% bonus on up to the first $500 deposit is basically the only big welcome bonus while the $500,000 rake races dole out hundreds of thousands of dollars every month to members. Still, the VIP program is lacking and you’re unlikely to surmount the requirements for achieving most bonuses.

Overall Review: 6.8 of 10 – Good

With the power of the iPoker Network and a new focus on software, Sun Poker has been able to turn what was once the online equivalent of a trustworthy Ma and Pa store into a burgeoning super site. Industry leading customer support and ethics meet with decent promotions and strong security to create the eminently useable Sun Poker.

Final Result: We give Sun Poker a final overall score of 6.8 out of 10.

VC Poker (Victor Chandler Poker) is yet another sportsbook operation that decided to open a poker room. Since its inception into the online world, VC Poker has become one of most popular European rooms and is heavily skewed towards cash game players.

People won’t find a great deal of action in the higher stakes, but they will see a lot of games going on in the lower limits, most notably from $0.02 – $50.

Popularity: 7 of 10 – Good

This is another site that doesn’t allow US players, but that hasn’t really slowed VC Poker down much; their cash games are as hot as ever and peak hours always seem to feature over 1,000 real money tables running simultaneously. The numbers for the site really seemed to have jumped up ever since VC joined the iPoker Network.

Unfortunately, the tournament crowd here doesn’t seem to be on par with the ring games. This does seem to be improving to a certain degree though.

Security: 8 of 10 – Very Good

Accuracy and safety are two things that VC Poker stresses when keeping track of people’s personal data. The company makes sure to store collected information in a secure environment; being in business for so long has made VC very good at doing this.

Player Competition: 7 of 10 – Good

As is the case with a lot of poker rooms run by sportsbooks and/or online casinos, VC Poker has a decent population of fish. People can find somewhat soft competition all the way up to the $50 range in No Limit Hold’em, but things will get considerably tougher when playing in anything beyond this range.

Site Software: 7 – Good

Along with the number of players, the software for VC Poker has gotten much better since the move to the iPoker Network. Everything runs smoothly and there are rarely ever any glitches when playing in games.

But there is some debate when speaking of how the cards and chips are displayed – This stuff appears much larger than it normally does at other rooms. One crowd likes this unique trait of VC Poker while another sector argues that the enlarged cards and chips are nothing but a distraction and a nuisance to play.

Customer Support: 7 of 10 – Excellent

One thing that is nice about VC Poker’s support section is that they provide a FAQ section that helps both the representatives and players by cutting down on unnecessary questions. When the FAQ section fails to answer questions, people can always move along to the e-mail, phone, or live chat options to get their problems solved.

Company Ethics: 8 of 10 – Excellent

Victor Chandler is one of the most trusted names in any form of online gambling today; the company has been in existence for over 60 years which is something very few operations within the industry can tout. In all of this time, the company has remained top notch from an ethical standpoint.

Site Promotions: 6 of 10 – Good

New players can expect to not only cash in on a $600 deposit bonus right off the bat, but they can also get entered into a $1,000 freeroll after signing up. Aside from this generous (but typical) bonus, people will earn Loyalty Points which can be used to enter more freerolls and to get cool stuff from the VC Poker Store. Other stock promotions include the refer-a-friend bonus, Royal Flush Fortune, and the Bad Beat Bonanza.

Overall Review: 6.8 of 10 – Good

Reliability is certainly one positive thing that comes with playing at VC Poker. The simple fact that the room is owned by the Victor Chandler operation is enough to bank on having a good experience as a member of VC.

The room doesn’t really do anything marvelously to make it stand out against the competition, but it does seem to do everything adequately. This makes VC Poker worth a try.

Final Result: We give VC Poker a final overall score of 6.8 out of 10