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First it is necessary to put in agreement on the rules to continue to avoid understood villains and not to spend bad moments.

It is important to establish which the number of letters to using, what plays are valid and which are not, if they are going to be used or not jokers, the amount of the rest and of the stakes, etc.

Once established clear rules, every player will be located in the table and there will be chosen the one that will distribute the letters.

The chosen one to distribute, shuffles the cards and one gives them to cut the player of his right. The player who cuts neither can take five letters or less, nor can leave five letters or less.

Five letters are distributed to every player beginning for the one that is to the left of whom it distributes. Every assessor can do it since wish: of one in one, of two in two, of three in three, first three and then two, etc. It is necessary to have present that cannot change the way of distributing inside the same round, that is to say, all the players it is necessary to give them the letters in the same way and following an order.

As soon as all the players have his letters, each one will look theirs to study his play and for shifts, beginning for the player of the left side of the assessor, will say if it wants to play or to happen.

As soon as a player opens the bets, others already will not be able to happen(pass), only they will be able to be equal or to increase the stakes

As soon as they all have been equal or increased the stake, (or they have moved back) the assessor will give the letters to the players who request a change with the aim to improve his initial play. Every player can discard and to change one, two, three, four or his five letters. The discarded cards and changes of letters are not obligatory. If a player does not discard it is said that ” it is served “.

From here the final round of stakes begins, being able every player happen or envidar until one opens the game. Once established all the stakes show themselves the plays, desire the one that has the major one. In case they all happen and nobody opens the game, the letters appear and there wins the one who had the major play.

If a player realizes a stake and nobody equalizes it, gains the play without need to show his letters. This is because not to equalize(not to agree upon) at least a stake is equivalent to move back.

This one is the event of events of the year. It are the example and the mirror for any world circuit. See it hereby: the half of your family is sure that it has in his list of things for making, the power say: ” I have played the Main Event of the World Series of Poker “. Do not you believe yourself it? Then you should see the tail of record in the WSOP, next July 5 of 2.011 in Las Vegas. There you will see the incredible stream of people of any United States who approaches to gain something of small amount of money – and to see if they put them in a televised table, next to some famous one. In any of the 1st, your opportunities to sit down next to Phil Ivey are bigger than them of winning. The WSOP are one of the events that really change lives. A great number of acquaintances of the world of the poker turned what they are thanks to some fat well check gained in the WSOP: Antonio Esfandiari, Tiffany Michelle, Michael Mizrachi (who in addition can win this year the Main) … they all take contracts to themselves and turn into pros thanks to his trip to the WSOP. Thousands of persons play in the Series of Series, in Las Vegas, and you must be one of them.

Tuesday returned to be a day of many action in the World Series of Poker 2016 with up to six different events being played at the same time.

Two more bracelets were delivered, incluído that of the winner of the 565 $ Colossus II that was taking with it a prize of 1 million dollars.

In addition, two new events began and other two reached on his 3rd.

During the whole summer, us will bring the daily coverage of everything what happens in the WSOP 2016, thanks to the sponsorship of 888poker.
Crowned Ben Keeline king of the Colossus II

The player 30-year-old Ben Keeline turned into champion of the 565 $ Colossus II No-Limit Hold’em of the WSOP 2016, turning actually the dream that led him to spending two bullets in the 1st. Keeline was managing to recover finally from a field that reached 21.613 participants, a victory that was bringing a prize of 1 million dollars and his first bracelet of the WSOP.

After five days of poker, include you six initial days that were disputed in three days, Keeline came to the final Tuesday table following the estala of for leader at the time, Jiri Horak. Keeeline had a stellar action, doing I work hard and busteando to the majority of hisrivals before getting rid of Horak in the heads-up.