Change strategy in poker tournaments

To have a balance when playing poker is important. A friend of mine, a very good high school and college baseball pitcher once compared poker to throwing baseball. “You have to leave your opponent in the dark,” he would say. “If you play against him, you have to unbalance him, that makes a good player different from a fish”.

I think a good and a bad player makes more difference, but this quote fits well with the concept of changing strategies in poker. If someone changes his strategy in poker, he plays differently than he did recently, with the goal of knocking out his opponent. Let’s say you play in a No Limit Hold’em tournament and for some reason you have not played a hand for an hour. Now is the time to change strategy and suddenly play super aggressive. If you have played without resistance so far, your opponent will give you a good hand after suddenly playing every pot aggressively. Of course, this only works until someone notices your strategy change and wants to see your cards.

Strategy changes in poker are an art – not a science

There is a subtle but easy way to change your strategy at the poker table. If you feel you are playing best when playing tight, then you should play that image as you change strategy. No matter what you’re told, you can not take a break during a poker tournament. You should constantly collect chips to be successful in the end. In order to achieve this it is necessary to occasionally win a pot without having the best hand. Use the chips you gain with such hands and you will be much more successful in No Limit tournaments.

In order to successfully change your strategy, it is necessary to be able to assess the situation at the poker table well. A well-balanced game makes your strategy for the opponent unimaginable and is necessary to successfully switch between game styles. A player who comes to the table and plays aggressively can not yet know their tight style of play and have adapted his game accordingly. Therefore, the two most important terms in poker are – to be attentive.

Do not stop changing your strategy if you win

Once your players have figured out how to play, they are at an advantage. It does not matter how many chips you have, if you keep raising, sooner or later someone will want to see your cards and take you off the table. So you must always vary your game to bring your teammates out of balance.

This is especially important if you have a big stack, because then you have all options open. (small raise, big raise, call and, of course, fold) As your stack shrinks, so do your options and that will sooner or later lead to your retirement. Therefore, it is crucial not to be assessable, as long as you still have a stack, because if your opponents have only recognized how their strategy looks, they have much to lose. It is important that their opponents can not assess you at the poker table. Remember how weird you feel when you make a big call and are not sure of your decision. Transfer this feeling to your opponent through your style of play, or the game will take a turn that you will not like.

Pocket Jacks

Pocket Pairs that are not among the premium hands (A-A, K-K, Q-Q) are difficult to play, especially in Texas Holdem. The pocket jacks are such cards. It can be very tempting to get two picture cards before the flop. Theoretically, with the pocket jacks you have got the fifth best starting hand in Holdem and the chance of holding the best hand in the field before the flop is very high.

Nevertheless, you should exercise restraint, otherwise you could go broke in no time. Since you hold a top ten hand with J-J, you should always raise before the flop. However, you should first reconsider your position and the strength of your opponents. If you are in early position and your opponents are likely to call your raise, you should just limp with J-J. In other words, you would play J-J as a middle or small pair in that position. (In other words, you’re hoping to hit a set) If you’re on the button or in the cutoff and raise, it looks like you want to steal the blinds. If you are called then you may be in bad position with bad hands.

Do not cling tightly

It is clear that the pocket jacks, not like A-A, K-K, Q-Q, should always be raised preflop. If you raise, you want to push as many opponents out of hand as possible. If you still face four or five opponents, you have to flop a set, otherwise you should give up your hand.

If you have the pocket jacks, there is a 57% chance that you will see an overcard on the flop. (Ace, king, or lady). Flops with 10 highs usually offer the possibility of a road or similar poor options for you. All this means that after the flop you should have as few opponents as possible to succeed with the pocket jacks.

Beware of the overcard

Let’s say you raise, an opponent calls and you see an overcard on the flop. An ace or a king are even more threatening than a queen, although you do not like to see any of these cards on the flop. Now you should consider the playing style of your opponent and the type of hands with which he called your raise preflop. Do not let a flop like K-8-2 put you off a continuation bet.

However, if he pays or raises her bet, you should reconsider the value of her two boys.

Note: Beware of pocket jacks. There is a reason why the Pocket Jacks are called “Fish Hooks”. Finally, you seduce inexperienced players, so “fish” like to play.

Is Online Poker Worth It?

Poker was a very popular game even before the Internet broke out. In this era, poker greats like Phil Hellmuth and Stu Ungar were born and inspired the masses with interesting playing techniques.

But since the emergence and rapid expansion of the Internet, online poker has become increasingly popular. Online poker rooms seem to have sprung up and attract players with interesting bonuses to their sites. But online poker is now a good thing or better to avoid.

If you are a beginner and have never played poker online poker is definitely a good thing. Here you can calmly and, above all, learn the rules of the game at any time and also apply and try out advanced techniques. It has been proven by study that players are developing much faster through online poker and thus are getting better and better.

For online poker, this is clearly because you play more hands at certain time intervals than in a poker room. In a poker room, the game flow is much slower and you may have 10x less hands per hour, which of course has a negative impact on the learner’s development process.

The further advantage of online poker is that you can play there with very small stakes, which would never be possible in a real casino for reasons of cost. The fact that you can not win and lose much because of the small amounts, but still has the feeling to play for real money, has a positive effect on the learning curve.

But even professional players can take advantage of online poker. By being able to play at several tables simultaneously, the experienced player will be able to increase his profit per hour. In addition, it is often possible for many players to sit at a high limit who are at best average players and thus a welcome gift to a professional player.

Do online poker rooms have disadvantages as well? The only plausible disadvantage is that a certain protection against gambling addiction is not regulated by the continuous accessibility. Although only very few players are affected by this, it can have serious consequences for those who suffer from gambling addiction.

In a real poker room, the croupier would simply forbid a player from recognizing a gambling addiction to continue playing. However, this does not work in an online casino and can not be controlled. However, if you suffer from (as hopefully most) no gambling addiction, an online poker room has no disadvantages for you.

For some online players, there is another not-so-common disadvantage: they often overestimate themselves! You have e.g. paid a small amount and quadrupled within a very short time. Then the affected think that this is of course only on their “skills” and they are already playing at tables with higher limits in order to play even more profitable.

You should always remember that poker always involves a certain amount of luck and always be a controlled player. If you follow these rules, you will see that online poker can really be a nice thing.